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Duration: 1 day
Mode: Face to face

RICS delivers very short workshops on new trends, latest technological developments or topical issues to keep working professionals’ up-to date. These workshops, delivered by speakers of the highest calibre, provide an excellent opportunity for lifelong learning. Every month, RICS conducts short workshops across metro cities on a range of contemporary topics. It can also be customized as per employer needs.

Recent workshops

Below are the details of some of the workshops recently concluded.

  • RICS Real Estate Workshop Series IX: Strategic Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management

16 Mar’15 in New Delhi, 18 Mar’15 in Bengaluru and 19 Mar’15 in Mumbai

  • RICS Real Estate Workshop Series X: Real Estate Financing Perspectives

2 July’15 in Pune and 3 July’15 in Hyderabad

  • RICS Construction Workshop Series XI: Optimizing Contract Management and Relationships

21 April’15 in New Delhi, 22 April’15 in Mumbai and 24 April’15 in Bengaluru

  • RICS Construction Workshop Series XII: Construction Cost Economics and Value Engineering in Practice

3 Aug’15 in Bengaluru, 4 Aug’15 in Mumbai and 7 Aug’15 in New Delhi

Upcoming workshops
To know about the upcoming workshops, visit rics.org