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Internships are an integral part of our programs

Summer internships 2018

100% students placed as interns across both campuses in 187 companies.

Summer internships 2017

100% students placed as interns in MBA, BBA and PGDFM batches across 255 companies.

Summer internships 2016

100% of our MBA and BBA students has been placed as intern across 113 companies.

Summer internships 2015

100% students were placed for the internship period in May-June 2015 (8 weeks).

Summer internships 2014

100% of our MBA 2013-15 batch has been placed as interns across 32 companies

Student internship experiences

Students share their internship stories and learnings.

Download Internship Brochure

Internship Brochure

BBA 2014-17 and MBA 2015-17 summer internships report.


Need interns?

If your organisation is looking for smart and well-trained interns, please contact our placement office