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School of Construction


As one of the specialized schools within RICS SBE, the School of Construction committed to excel as a preeminent center for advancement and dissemination of construction knowledge and serve the needs of the built environment.
It strives to create a learning environment to nurture the development of critical thinking skills, develop knowledge and technology expertise and support innovation and technology transfer in construction practice.
The programs offered by the school prepare professionals for careers in commercial, residential, industrial and civil/heavy construction and all supporting industries.
The school’s faculty delivers research and practice based teaching on leading theories and practice and delivers a truly global curriculum which focuses on aspects of design management, pre-construction planning, construction project planning and control, cost management, qualitative and quantitative techniques for management, contract management, quality and safety management etc.

Programs offered  in Noida and Mumbai 


Dr. Joseph Thanikal
Associate Dean and Director,
School of Construction, RICS School of Built Environment, Noida.

D.T.V. Raghu Rama Swamy MRICS
Acting Director, School of Construction
RICS School of Built Environment, Noida.

Dr. Anil Sawhney FRICS Former Director - School of Construction (Noida) continues to stay associated in an advisory capacity. Read more

Director, School of Construction, 
RICS School of Built Environment, Mumbai.