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Industry engagement

The School has been set up after a strong call from the industry for a specialized academic institution delivering industry ready professionals, equipped to bring value from the day they start their careers.

Being a truly industry led initiative and given RICS’ international pedigree and global linkages, leading real estate, construction and infrastructure firms are supporting and have committed to hiring from the RICS School of Built Environment.

These include major real estate development companies, global real estate consulting firms, banks and housing financial institutions, global investment banks, private equity funds, international infrastructure firms, global and Indian construction firms, specialized project management and cost management firms etc.

The School also benefits from the wisdom of the RICS South Asia Board, which has some of the finest minds in the built environment sector to help facilitate strategic direction. 
Given the relevance of RICS to the built environment and its widespread international member network, industry professionals have actively been involved in setting up the RICS School of Built Environment. From validating the need for specialized education and contributing to develop a truly global and industry relevant curriculum, the industry has strongly endorsed this initiative.

With the support of leading organizations, there is a very strong backing for internships and placements ensuring and assuring employability, along with sharing real-life case study examples to enhance and promote best practices in the sector.