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Access to chartered qualification 


For anyone looking to make a successful career in built environment, it is important to understand the value of a RICS accredited course. RICS is the global standard setting body in real estate and construction with presence in over 146 countries. It accredits over 500 courses in this industry after a rigorous process of evaluation.

Our BBA & MBA degrees are the only RICS accredited courses available in India right now. It makes these specialized degrees all the more valuable for the students and relevant for the industry as well. It also ensures that only talented resources move into the industry.

Accredited Course

Course accreditation relies on experienced RICS academics and employers assessing each university’s programme to ensure there is both an appropriate curriculum and the resources in place to enable the delivery of the programme to meet the high standards demanded by RICS.

Every university is visited every few years by RICS auditors. The RICS external quality assurance system monitors the standards of graduates annually and each programme is monitored annually through an annual report. Each accredited course in an education institution is expected to meet five quality principles:

  • Student selection
  • Research and innovation
  • Teaching quality
  • Curriculum
  • Graduate output

The accreditation process is highly valued by universities. RICS aims to ensure that graduates have a stimulating and challenging education, which prepares them well for their professional career.  

RICS accredits similar built environment courses at University of Westminster, Oxford Brookes University, University of Salford, University of Glasgow, Coventry University, etc. Course accreditation is in place in China, continental Europe, Malaysia and New Zealand. To know more about RICS accredited courses globally, click here.

Member of RICS (MRICS)

An accredited course opens path to become an MRICS. The initials ‘MRICS’ on your visiting card add a stamp of credibility and excellence to your professional abilities. Employers around the world, therefore, seek professionals with RICS qualifications. This qualification will greatly improve employability and career progression.

If you're about to start, or are studying for an accredited degree, you're already on the right track. Once you have completed an accredited degree the next stage is to get a job as a trainee. In order to become a member of RICS (MRICS) you need to complete your Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) which involves completing a period of structured training with an employer.  Structured training usually takes between two and three years and consists of on-the-job learning and assessment.

The APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) is the practical training and experience which, when combined with academic qualifications, leads to membership (MRICS) and the status of chartered surveyor.

Watch industry veteran talk about RICS as a pioneer in education

RICS accredits over 500 courses around the world