Placement policy


RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE) aims to be ‘the preferred choice for higher education’ for students and professionals looking to build careers in real estate, construction and infrastructure.

We are committed to promote real estate, construction and infrastructure as a respectable and high growth sector offering well paid career opportunities.
Being an industry led institution, we’ve a strong association with industry and academic bodies, we continue to build awareness about RICS SBE and regularly connect with them to understand the business requirements & industry demands. We aspire to be the sourcing hub for entry level talent for all the major organizations for Built Environment.

We are committed to prepare our students as rounded professional with best education, sound skills, professionalism and RICS value system to enable them become employment ready professionals and set them up on a membership pathway in the larger picture of RICS.


The School is committed to facilitate and assist placements for all eligible students. Following are the areas, which school administer in order to ensure the seamless placements process.

  • SBE endeavour placements of all eligible students by working alongside the industry to understand the market insight, requirement and demands.

  • We make an earnest attempt at negotiating best possible salaries that can be offered by the visiting companies, however the final salaries offered are a function of market conditions and other factors beyond control of RICS SBE. These decisions are the sole discretion of hiring organization.

  • At RICS SBE, every eligible student is offered a choice to choose a company and the job profile for which he/she may seek placement for. The School shares all the available relevant information with the student about placement, such as job profile, likely place of posting, pay package etc. through the Placement Portal.

  • The role of RICS SBE concludes once the offer letter is issued by the prospective employer and student will be considered as placed. Until such time that the offer letter is issued, students are advised not to communicate with the prospective employer directly.


Below are the roles and responsibilities that students needs to adhere to, which includes, but are not limiting to, the conduct, behaviour and process needs to be followed in order to appear and sail through the placement process:

  • The student should meet the defined eligibility criteria to be the part of placement process.

  • Whilst RICS SBE would facilitate and enable student to be eligible and part of the placement process, the students are responsible to clear the selection process basis on their skills, merit and ability.

  • Students are required to strictly adhere to placement process and rules set by the School for the placement process.

  • Students shouldn’t establish any communication with the prospective employers during the process of placement.

  • Students are required to maintain and demonstrate utmost professionalism in their conduct during the placement process.

  • Once selected in a company (offer letter/email acknowledgement), the students shall satisfy themselves by reviewing the terms of employment and clarify doubts directly with the employing company. RICS SBE only acts as a facilitator in the whole process.

  • One of the key factors that enable RICS SBE to secure placements for all students – is the fact that employers want to recruit graduates who will eventually transform into RICS qualified professionals after clearing the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). As such, to avail active placement support translating into a job, students are expected to become a trainee member of RICS and encouraged to achieve the MRICS qualification.


The below stated eligibility criteria applies from the date when students start enrolling to participate in the placement process.

  • Student should have a minimum CGPA that would ensure obtaining a degree as per the guidelines issued by Amity University, presently at 6 CGPA.

  • Should have a minimum of 5.0 (Five) SGPA in all the semesters is mandatory.

  • Should not have any backlogs in any subject at the time of interview.

  • Student should not be booked under the disciplinary code of conduct of Amity University.


The School facilitates the placement participation through a platform which is being used as centralized Placement Portal. Separate guidelines regarding internship and placements shall be issued to students by respective schools, time to time.

  • Every school will be using a set of fixed principles to evaluate and grade students as per their academic performance, attendance and performance in pre-placement activities and their performance during internships.

  • The placement coordinators will share a brief about the pre-placement activities during the placement season. Several workshops and specialized training programs are also conducted by the placement coordination team in each school(s). Students are required to participate in all such activities to be eligible for shortlisting process for placements.

  • In order to have a seamless process and communication the endeavour would be to involve Student representative from respective courses during the placement process.

  • In case of a student who has received a preplacement offer which is honoured by the recruiting organization at the time of placement (during placement period), would be considered as placed and student moves out of the placement process.

  • Every student should submit his CV to participate in placement process through our Placement Portal.

  • In cases where student doesn’t wish to be a part of school’s placement process, he/she needs to give a written undertaking expressing the same.

  • In case a student find an offer on his/her own, he/she is expected to update RICS SBE through a mail (in writing), about receipt of their offer letters (It is desirable to share a copy of the offer) and get his/her name removed from list of eligible candidates for placement. In absence of such communication from students within 1 days of receipt and acceptance of letter of offer, RICS SBE reserves the right and will suspend the participant from the placement process, even if the student manages to get placement from efforts made by school.

  • Once the student receives an offer, he/she automatically completes the placement cycle and moves out of the Placement Process.

  • The role of RICS SBE in placement process get concluded once the offer letter is issued by the prospective employer to the student(s).

  • Eligible students are allowed 5 attempts1 to be part of selection process set by prospective employers. The student should exercise the number of attempts within the defined duration of the placement process which will be communicated in advance.

1 Once a student CV is shortlisted and s/he goes through the 1st level of the Placement Process (Written Test/Online/GD/PI/Interview etc.), it is counted as an attempt.

  • For each open position shared by the prospective employer, the school shall recommend maximum of 5 candidates in order to offer a fair chance to every student for selection.

  • The students should wisely choose the companies and nominate themselves to be considered for placement through such companies. The student failing to participate/backing out from the selection process of a company after the selection process has been initiated, the student would be debarred from the placement process on the account of lack of ethical and professional practices.

  • Students are not authorized to establish any communication with the external stakeholders (prospective employer) unless an offer letter is released by them. All the queries of the students should be routed through the placement coordinator and the Business Development Team.

  • During the placement process, if any kind of misbehaviour or complaints is reported by any prospective employer against any student, he/she will be debarred from the placement process.

  • Any student who gets a pre placement offer from an organization and the organization is ready to honour it at the time of the interview process, and is accepted by the student, will be deemed as selected and will not be part of the placement process.

  • Any salary details shared by the prospective employer is an indicative figure and is usually a band, breakup of which is not available at the time of placements. Such details are received with the letter of offer and at the time of joining the organization.

  • RICS SBE does not have any authority or role in deciding or allocating any salary figures for students.

  • The Job Description (JD)/Job Location/Compensation is the sole prerogative of the prospective employer. The parameters such as Date, Time, Venue, Medium, Location etc. are determined at the sole discretion and availability of the prospective employer and when finalized, are communicated to the participants.

  • In cases where interviews are scheduled outside the campus or city, Students are advised to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. RICS SBE will not bear any cost in such regard and students will solely be responsible to ensure participation and make necessary arrangements.

  • The prospective employer consider only relevant working experience as per their job requirement and description.

  • The information about release of offer letters, declaration of results, VISA Process, date and time of joining etc. are at the discretion of the prospective employer and once released from the employer to RICS SBE, it will be made available to the students.

  • Read and learn about the prospective employers as much as you can, information like, the vision, mission, projects completed etc. are readily available on their website.

  • Read your CV thoroughly, please ensure you are able to support everything you have mentioned.

  • You are required to carry multiple copies of your CV, passport size photos with all educational certificates. Your CV should be in RICS SBE format.

  • No additional CV must be shared with the employer without prior approval /information to the BD Team.

  • Run through the job description and understand the roles and responsibilities really well, before you apply for any job.

  • Read newspaper regularly and stay updated about major developments in the industry.

  • Brush up your knowledge you’ve learnt during MBA/Graduation.

  • Brush up your skills required to meet the job description of the organisation.

  • Brush up your knowledge about recent trends, transactions, rates prevailing in the country etc.

  • Positions for which an organisation is hiring are open to other institutes as well. So we are competing not only internally but externally.

  • Do not fake, the interviewer can easily make out of the body language, tone, facial expression that a person is lying.

  • Always dress in business formals for interview.

  • Student is not allowed to directly get in touch with the Client during the placement process. In case you want to approach any company, kindly inform Placement Team regarding the same

  • Don’t discuss/negotiate the salary package during the interview. It is best decided in consultation with business development department of RICS SBE.

  • In case of any query regarding organisation, job role etc. student shall coordinate with Business Development Team.