The WGBW week was organized by sling 2021 from 20th September till 24th September DAY 1-20TH September This world green building week 2021, the S.L.I.N.G. Mumbai presents the week full of sustainable & splendid events. Sthirata club comes with the wgbw’21 for building resilience theme. The event started with the inaugural session on 20th September 2020. The inauguration started with RICS introductory video by prof Dr Sonali Joglekar. Which was carried forward by nsight from Amol Shimpi sir and Sanjay Patil sir.

Bhavesh Mehta sir and Rajan Gaonkar sir were the guest speakers for the event. The event ended with a warm vote of thanks from Shilpa Anthony to attendees, guests, sling committee, faculty, and a virtual photo session with guests and club members were taken. Guest express their thoughts and feedback on chat as well. Here is a glimpse of the event.

After the inauguration ceremony, a fun event by the sports club and debate club took place.
QUIZ ME UP- Event by the Debate club

Impromptu comedy poem - Event by the Sports club


DAY 2- 21ST September

The Day 2 of the ‘World Green Building Week - 2021’ was conducted by S.L.I.N.G Mumbai’s Stirata Club on the 21st of September’2021 on the MS Teams platform at the safety of everyone’s home. 

It kickstarted with the Green Design Competition with its theme being ‘Resilience’. The tag line which held in the core meaning of the competition and week said, “An Initiative towards Ethical Dwelling”. The event was hosted by Radhika Deolekar, Nandinee Goswami and Hrishikesh Yawale

There were two judges, Ms. Arunima Rane and Ms. Anjali Chechani who are the alumni of RICS-SBE.


DAY 3- 22ND September

They conducted a guest lecture on interior designing and construction of the houses sustainably. Mangesh Jadhav was called as the guest speaker for this event and he did a fabulous job explaining the various aspects of the construction and the built environment. He showed and explained numerous of his works which helped us get a clarity on the theme.

The event started with the hosts Aman Satpathy and Swapnil Lahamate welcoming everyone to the 3rd day of the eventful week. They started by welcoming all audience, judge and the participants and then passed on the charge of introduction of the 
judge to Bipin Bopanna PK who is also the Head of the Media Club.  


DAY 4- 23RD September

The Day 4 of the ‘World Green Building Week - 2021’ conducted by S.L.I.N.G Mumbai on 23rd of September 2021 on the MS Teams platform.

The Entrepreneur Club along with Sthirata Club organized the event which held the “GREEN SPARK” competition. The theme of the competition was to pitch business ideas to the Judges who played the role of Investors. The pitch needed to consist of sustainability ideas.  

The event was hosted by Aarish Rathi , Daisy Jaiswar and Vinayak Chhatni 
Judges for the event were Miss Anjali Chechani, Mr. Felvian Fargose and Mr. Padmanabh Sangle..  


DAY 5- 24TH September

The final day of the world green building week was conducted by the SLING Mumbai team on 24th September 2021 on the MS team’s platform.

First up we had a guest lecture by Prof. Asmita Joshi who is the director of the UNAI Hub. She shared some valuable insights about her work with the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) Hub for “Addressing Poverty”.

Next up, we had the Van voice kavyotsav competition which was held by the Cultural Club in collaboration with the Sthirtha club. 
The judge for the competition was Mustafa Neemuchwala. He is the associate manager at WE Construct, Pune. He has also been practising theatre.  

After the Van voice kavyostav competition, the events club took over the presentation to introduce the singing competition. The hosts were Shilpi Rathod and Akhil Nandankar.


The judge for the evening was Shailey Bidwaiker who is a singer and a performer. She is a playback singer in the music industry.

After the competition, Siddhant Mittal from MBA REUI (Semester 3) gave a presentation on the topic- “Exploration of alternative construction materials and techniques used to reduce carbon emissions”. It was based on his internship learnings at Liverpool John Moores University.

Finally, the vote of thanks was given by Faiyaz Syed and Drishya Subramanian, the President of the SLING Mumbai. The SLING in-charge, Dr. Sonali Joglekar and Amol Shimpi, Associate Dean and Director also mentioned a few parting words.