09 August 2018

Guest Lecture

26 September, 2019, this session was arranged for the students at the Mumbai campus to acquire knowledge and the importance of sustainable products in the near future and to learn how co-working will be enhanced by dynamic workplace solutions.


The 1st speaker Mr. Mario Schmidth, Managing Director at Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Ltd. and president of uPVC windows and doors manufacturers association (UWDMA) and an MBA in Business Economists talked about his visit to Architecture College at Anna University in Chennai where he showed the students the importance of sustainable products in this environment. He showed the audience the growing requirements of uPVC doors and windows, pros and cons of sliding window, double shutter window in terms of light, air, and ventilation to minimize the energy wastage and increase efficiency during both, the production as well as during operation. Some interesting facts found were tree plantation initiative to reduce carbon footprint. This initiative is to develop a Lingel forest near the Lingel factory in Germany. The design of products is such that it has multi-point locking systems for affordable while Lift & Slide window and Tilt & Turn window are designed for high budgeted consumers. Design was made considering the wind load calculation as per IS 873 and adopting NBC. Some other products by Smart-Li which is a chip induced in window for automatic opening and closure as per conditions. 

The session was summarized by a student and Prof. Shimpi and Prof. Sanjay awarded a vote of thanks. 

The session continued with our 2nd Speaker of afternoon Mr. Amit Lall who was introduced by Prof. Shimpi. Mr. Lall is head of Workplace Solution and Transformation, Sodexo.

He is an MRICS and a global consultant. His session was oriented to encourage designers to enhance skillset for developing a dynamic workplace. As people spend most of the day indoor, there is a need for social interactions and a dynamic workplace is its solution. There was an activity to have public comments on their opinions of the workplace. He acknowledged the importance of emotional intelligence for self-awareness. Importance of exceptional workplace experience having 3 elements – People, Space, and Technology. This makes the rise in having a Digital workplace. He encouraged all students to not just do an operational job but also focus on transformation. Padmanan, another student of MBA summarized the whole session and extended the vote of thanks to Mr. Lall for his valuable time and knowledge.

All students had a very good experience and met with some upcoming rise in opportunities in these sectors.