Ajinkya Joshi, MBA CPM (2016-2018), Placed at V-Construct India Pvt. Ltd

Ajinkya Joshi
MBA CPM (2016-2018)
Placed at V-Construct India Pvt. Ltd

Being an army brat, I was always in transit for most of my life. The privilege I got from this was an overall exposure to different types of cultures, settlements and topography. Being a student of culture, I was always amazed by the way people live. Maybe that's what motivated me towards pursuing my first step into Architecture from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. The goal was to have a career that can have a perfect blend of arts and science - the architecture was just the right thing for me that I got to experience at the right time.

Any advice to students considering joining RICS SBE?
These are going to be the defining 2 years of your life. No matter what you have done in your past, you can sculpt yourself into a better professional by understanding, following and innovating solutions and processes provided by the school. Believe in the work that you'll be doing, and I assure you that you'll be doing your best.

How did the MBA program at RICS SBE help you?
The program changed my perspective on life. It made me solution-oriented, rather than a problem seeker. It's hard to describe a course that can really change the way you look at impossibilities and turn them into possibilities. The constant guidance and ever forward spirit that the faculty, management and your peers provide is a real-life booster.

How was life at RICS SBE? (Campus, faculty, activities, events)
RICS SBE were the best 2 years of my student life. I mean if I was to become a professional after this, why not make the most of it right here and right now - evolve to be a professional from a student with a bang. And SLING gave me just that. I don't know how I came across it, but I grabbed the opportunity when it was presented to me, became an Admin Head for SLING. Apart from this, I divulged into photography and made a bunch of friends from all the courses and sections. It was challenging to manage the co-curricular activities with the gruelling and demanding academic responsibilities, but I made sure I did my best in whatever I stepped into.

Share experiences from work life.
V Construct is a unique blend of work-life unknown to many Construction companies in India. It's based on principles of integrity, employee-oriented and ever forward spirit. I work on a flexible environment with US-based clients for multi-billion-dollar projects that help the client (GC) to win those projects through visual aids such as logistics elaboration, 4D and 5D BIM simulations according to the schedules using a plethora of software.

What was your experience while studying at RICS SBE?
RICS SBE gave me the tools needed to understand the Construction Industry. It's a gateway to a much broader lifestyle that an individual can exploit as per his/her capability. The compulsory attendance, the detailed courses and the exceptionally well informed and ready to help faculty made this journey a fruitful one. I think, right from the first semester, you are Channelled into a course that will make you a better professional and also, more importantly, a better human being.

What were you doing before coming to RICS SBE?
I had just finished my bachelor’s in architecture and was searching for the right opportunities that could enhance my career in the right direction doing visualization as a hobby more than as a freelancer.

Where did you get placed?
After interning at V-Construct, I had already received an open invitation to come back and work for the company. I knew I had made a mark in the organization, made myself, my parents and RICS SBE proud by my conduct and work.

Where did you intern? How did the internship help you?
I interned at V-Construct India Pvt. Ltd. The internship helped me in understanding the BIM life cycle which was applied at every stage in its work process. The important thing about an internship is to grasp the different knowledge that is being circulated around you and channelling into what exactly you'd like to do in life. I was exposed to 4D,5D BIM along with various latest techniques and trends that are going on in the Construction industry. I understood the importance of knowledge management for an organization and later on went forward with the same for my Capstone project topic.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I am currently working towards achieving my LEED AP (BD+C). In the next 5 years, I can see myself working for organizations that have BIM process pivotal in their work process with me aligning towards marketing and project bidding process.


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