Neelabh Jain, MBA IM (2017-2019), Placed at GMR-Delhi International Airport Ltd

Neelabh Jain
MBA IM (2017-2019)
Placed at GMR-Delhi International Airport Ltd.

I was a shy and introvert whenever I used to face so many heads. I was a structural engineer before I joined RICS, my horizon was very limited but now I have so many domains to look at and learn. I used to dreamlike, I will be a civil engineer one day like my father.

Any advice to students considering joining RICS SBE?
RICS SBE gives you a platform to learn and showcase your talent. Faculty is all industry-oriented, so learning is based on best practices from industry and ultimately what industry need now and in future. So RICS SBE makes you industry ready so that you are not a fresher wherever you go. you just go and perform.

How did the MBA program at RICS SBE help you?
I was in a nutshell, but after my post-graduation from RICS SBE, it gave me not only a telescope but wings to fly.

How was life at RICS SBE? (Campus, faculty, activities, events)
Life was good at RICS SBE. There was a balance of everything be it study or extra curriculum.

Share experiences from work life.
Extensive 3 months training in all domains of GMR. I saw new challenges and new opportunities.

What was your experience while studying at RICS SBE?
Focused, case study based, practical, interactive, Motivating

What were you doing before coming to RICS SBE?
Worked as a civil design engineer

Where did you get placed?
GMR-Delhi International Airport Ltd

Where did you intern? How did the internship help you?
I did my internship with SMEC and it was very useful.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
As a next name in Infrastructure professional domain


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