Ritu Abraham bags first prize at Qatar Design Consortium

06 June 2016

Ritu Abrahim, student of MBA (CEQS) is currently interning at the Qatar Design Consortium (QDC) under a Senior Quantity Surveyor in Qatar, Doha. While she is enjoying her learning experience as an intern working on assigned real time projects to quantify and learn contracting, she is also making us proud representing RICS SBE at their internal events and competitions.


Qatar Design Consortium celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5th 2016 with a variety of events in the organization. This included environmental friendly recycled table-top planter competition, quiz competition, food competition and theme presentations on the theme of the year 'Go Wild for Life', where Ritu, amongst many others, bagged the first prize.

“Every department had to present one presentation and I represented my department. We had to choose an endangered wild animal and I chose the animal ‘Rhinoceros’. I presented its current status and what all is being done in this regard to save it from the endangered list,”says Ritu.
Starting with lifespan, habitat, species of a rhinoceros, Ritu covered prime reasons for the massive decline in the rhino population from 1970s to 2016. Horn poaching emerged as the key reason as in countries like Vietnam it is believed to cure cancer. Her presentation also highlighted some of the actions which are being taken to prevent the animal from getting extinct including dehorning, stopping forest conservation, international law enforcement, tracking illegal wildlife trade, amongst others. Ritu concluded her presentation by urging everyone to contribute generously towards the 'Save the Rhino Foundation'.