Ritu Abraham bags Best Manager title at Amity Youth Festival; shares success mantra!

22 February 2016

Q&A with Ritu Mariam Abraham, MBA CEQS 2015-17

Q1. How did you prepare for this competition?
The Best Manager Competition held by Amity Youth Festival’16 was a three day event comprising of four rounds. The first three rounds were team tasks and the final was individual. It was Pratish Kulshrestha, my friend, who spoke to me of the competition, and we decided to enrol as a team. In the first round we were probed based on general knowledge, current affairs and international business. My habit of reading newspaper and Manorama digest on a regular basis aided in this round.

The second round had games related to marketing where we had to match the logo, tagline and brand ambassadors of diverse brands. Questions related to the brand’s CEO, headquarters, history, etc. were also asked. I’m in the habit of noting brand logos, and also ads that appear on internet, newspaper, television, billboards, etc. This habit made me to download the logo quiz app which was a game that consisted of guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. Hence we could excel this round.

In the sub round of second round, we were assigned a brand undergoing a severe crisis for which we had to design a comeback strategy. And the jury would evaluate this strategy. We got the topic of Samsung’s brand crisis, where at a Samsung chip factory; exposure to carcinogens caused the death of its worker. In the third round, our endeavour was to present a business idea based on a theme of their choice, where in we were judged for our communication skills and the possible impact of idea.

The final round was Stress Interview. The ostensible purpose behind this round is to intimidate oneself and to check how you handle the stress. In other words, it is an evaluation of the job-seekers' behaviour and emotional stability when put under pressure. The judging panel comprised of Dr. Alka Munjal (Director, Academics, Amity University), Mr. Mohit Hajela (Executive Director, Live Wires - Integrated Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Maninder Singh (Senior Manager, Deloitte) and Mr. Pradeep Malik (Vice President, BMW). Their name boards, placed on the table, in itself were stress inducing. I had a firm grip of my presence of mind which helped me to support my points with rational and logical facts. With a smile on my face and a confident approach, I tackled their questions and saved my bacon.
Q2. Why do you think you won? 

Based upon my performance, I attribute my victory to my reading and observation skills as well as to my aplomb self. My interest in general knowledge and current affair was a blessing throughout the entire event. This has certainly been a milestone event in my life.
Moreover in my previous college, I had been the in-charge of the Best Manager committee during the techno cultural fests. I have also participated in a couple of them, unsuccessfully. So I had a rough idea of the format to be expected. Also I had the constant guidance of Prof. Ameet Sao.
I always have the faith that no matter what lies ahead of me, be it victory or defeat, it is happening in God’s timing, influenced by my parent’s prayers.

Q3. Has your classroom knowledge helped you in winning this competition?
Certainly. I was able to perform in the second and third rounds due to the subjects; Management Science for Built Environment and Marketing Management for Built Environment Sector. The former was taught in the first semester and the latter currently. Both the subjects are dealt by Prof. Ameet Sao.

Q4. What are your future plans and aspirations?
As of now, I want to be a Quantity Surveyor. I plan only small steps, I believe in attacking opportunities as it comes. I let my actions speak and would love to stun people with my success. Today when people see me they identify me as Abraham’s daughter, one day when people start recognising him as Ritu’s father; that will be the day when I realise my plans have been on the track of success. I want to be my parent’s pride.
Q5. What did you do before joining MBA in CEQS at RICS School of Built Environment?
I was born and brought up in Qatar till my 12th. After that I did my B.Tech in Civil Engineering from SaintGits College of Engineering, Kottayam, Kerala. After which I worked for nearly a year as a Site Engineer in Thiruvananthapuram for Marriott Hotel Project. Then I had done internship as an Inside Sales Engineer in Qatar.
Q6. Any tips/guidance for aspiring managers?
During the stress interview, the judging panel constantly reminded to all that the kind of tension induced here is only a tiny sample of what has to be faced by us in the real world. That was pretty much an alarming thought I’d say. My personal tip is that irrespective of the situation, do not be quick to respond, rather take a minute or more to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of the situation at hand, and do what’s best suited for you and your company. Trust your instincts. Stay optimistic and aplomb!