Students participate in conference on brand management by IIT Delhi

15 May 2016

Our students, Shamsher Singh, Tushar Bapurao Nagare and Ashwini Dharmarajan along with Prof. Ameet Sao, attended a Conference on Brand Management organized by IIT Delhi in collaboration with Curtin University (an Australian public research university) and presented their ideas on the ‘Role of social media marketing in brand building: the new age marketing strategy’
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Held on 16th-17 April 2016, the conference aimed to bring together students, academia, industry and researchers from all over the world to come together to interact, exchange views and to support professional development by facilitating the exchange of insights in the domain of Brand Management.
Startup branding and valuation, public sector branding, branding small brand, not for profit branding, technology branding, B2B branding, brand under stress, brand challenges, digital branding and branding India were some of the key topics of presentations and discussion at the event.

The conference served as a great platform for RICS SBE students to showcase their ideas in front of a world class audience. It also brought to notice various studies that develop new ideas or theories, attempt to advance our understanding of real world phenomenon, and address any of the key research themes in the marketing world.

As a next step and a reward for excellence, Emerald Group Publishing Limited,(a leading UK based  scholarly publisher of academic journals and books in the fields of management, business, education, library studies, health care, and engineering) will publish the conference abstract proceedings of the selected papers with ISBN number in hard copy format.