University of Melbourne students visit the School

13 January 2014

The School hosted a group of 12 students from University of Melbourne as part of a travelling studio ‘Studies in Building Cultures and Market’ from 6-10 Jan 2014. The program comprised of special lectures, site visits, and other activities.

The students were from different courses including construction management, property management and urban management and they were accompanied on their visit by Dr. Hemanto Doloi, Senior Lecturer at University of Melbourne.

The objective of the program was to give the international students a real-time practical experience in their respective fields and an opportunity to witness how the concept of construction is utilized in the practical environment, thereby enhancing knowledge of studies in building cultures in different markets.
Prof. K.T. Ravindran, Dean Emeritus and Dr. Anil Sawhney, Director, School of Construction anchored the program with an introduction to the School and their vision of India’s future in the construction market. 
Whilst Nimish Gupta, Adjuct Professor talked about the construction industry in India, Anil Kashyap shared some thought provoking real estate and infrastructure investment and financing plans in the Indian context. The following days witnessed a series of lectures from Vinod Nakra, Dr. Deepak Bajaj, Dr. Vanita Ahuja, Keith McKinnell – our distinguished panel of faculty.

The four day program comprised of presentations on the following subjects

  • Financing real estate products in India

  • Built environment of the National Capital Region

  • Construction industry in India

  • Real estate and infrastructure investment and financing in India

  • Project management education in India

  • Status of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in India

  • Construction of DIAL Project

To lend the students a practical exposure to their learnings, site visits to Unitech Golf and Country Club and UNITECH, Gurgaon were also arranged.
For sightseeing, the students were taken to Baháí House of Worship, Rashtrapati Bhawan and Great India Place Mall.

"A lot of theory is learnt in class regarding how construction is done and what it takes to build a structure. These programs are by far the first hands-on experience. Australia does not have such unprecedented scale of construction unlike India’s high rise urban development projects. So, this is visit is extremely beneficial for the students."
Dr. Hemanto Doloi
Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne


"With so many urban infrastructures and high rise building plans in India, I wish to explore the career opportunities here as I am very passionate about Indian buildings and architecture."
William Pitsas
An aspiring student of building and construction management from the University of Melbourne
"This program provided me with a broad understanding of the Indian industry norms with an overview of the practices, standards and products used in both the Indian and the Australian markets."
A student of the University of Melbourne
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