Amal Baiju Pallipattu feels that a specialized education is your key to unlock the potential of the real estate industry.

12 April 2016

Student stories 2016

Amal Baiju Pallipattu
Civil Engineer
MBA REUI 2014-16
Commercial role at Al Futtaim Carillion, Dubai

Meet Amal Baiju Pallipattu, a youngman with a passion for making films, does an MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure (REUI) and lands an envious position with Al Futtaim, Dubai. In his own words he tells us about his life and his experience as a student at RICS SBE.

I was born in a family of engineers. Both my parents are civil engineers; it was decided from day one that I would follow in their footsteps and be an engineer like them. As a child I was fascinated by films and wanted to get into film making. While I was studying for my engineering I made short films and uploaded them on the internet but I knew that I didn’t want to make a career out of it.

My decision to enroll for a specialized MBA from RICS SBE
After my B.Tech in civil engineering I worked with ICICI Home finance in the valuation team. I knew that my scope to rise would be very limited unless I do an MBA which would add value to my engineering degree. I wanted to explore the real estate sector as my experience at work had taught me that there is huge potential to grow in this industry. I came across RICS SBE which was offering me the entire package that I was looking for. After consulting many people I decided to specialize in REUI.

Learning at RICS SBE
Learning was just something which happened on a daily basis for me at RICS. Not only did this course help me improve my professional skills but my outlook towards life as well. There is so much potential in this industry that we keep learning each and every day. I was interested in the marketing field and subjects like Market Analysis helped me to understand the dilemma which every investor faces in terms of investing in the right property. The fear that lives in every investor, developer and the end user is what needs to be tackled by me being a real estate professional. This was one of the best findings with this course.

My Internship experience
I did my internship with Cushman & Wakefield (Mumbai). My two month experience with the company was just impeccable. I was working with the Valuation & Advisory team under Mr. Cyrus Bilimoria’s guidance. It was my dream to work with an IPC and when dreams come true, one has no words to describe how it feels.

Since I had prior work experience with ICICI Home Finance, I was assigned a total of seven projects. Being a Mumbaikar, I had a base knowledge about the Mumbai real estate market and the dynamics. This accelerated my work and reduced the time required to complete each project. I even had an opportunity to interact with one of the clients regarding their project which was a great experience.

My placement experience
I think everyone should face the placement experience in their educational life. My placement phase with RICS was just amazing. The first company I gave my interview with was CBRE. I got rejected in the second round. This experience was also a learning experience for me to keep a few things in my mind while giving an interview. The next interview was with Al Futtaim and I had prepared well and everything just fell in place. Having knowledge about both the financial as well as the technical terms essential in real estate was my strongest point in the interview. This meant that I could understand the financial feasibility report of a project and also the CPM PERT chart. I feel that impressed the interviewer. Now I am so happy that I have been placed abroad with such a good firm.