The goals of the Student-Alumni mentoring program is to provide a fulfilling opportunity for participants to learn and grow. The opportunity shall help students to develop professional relationships with accomplished alumni mentors and build a better understanding about career paths, professional fields, understand life at work, life beyond work, and self-development by the knowledge and experience shared by the alumni mentors. The engagement also offers an opportunity for the Alumni to connect back with school through students to participate during various events and extracurricular activities.


RICS and ROAR are focused on engaging our alumni and students aimed to offer continued education, professional connections and resources. The Alumni Mentorship Program has been designed to help students connect with alumni to learn from their experiences, facilitate networking between them and to assist participants in growing professionally. A strong mentorship program has the power to mutually benefit each other and we aim towards a mutually beneficial engagement for our participants.

Alumni mentors have an opportunity to share their experience, learning and invest their time in a rewarding relationship with protégés who is eager to learn, as well as mutually learn from the mentee about their industry, profession, and perspective.

In addition, students can connect with their respective alumni’s through our other social media pages such as SBEBuzz, SLING and ROAR on Instagram and other social media platforms.


  • We hope the Alumni Member have already complete their profile and registered with us at As a mentor you are required to submit the below form to express interest in mentoring a student through

  • Upon submission, a list of Alumni mentors with their social profiles shall be shared with students, to choose their mentors.

  • Likewise, Alumni would also choose their mentees once they touch base with them through social platform (preferably LinkedIn). Once both Alumni and Student agrees to form a pair of mentor and mentee, a confirmation is shared with ROAR team ( and registered as mentor-mentee.

  • Mentees shall be required to capture their experience and feedback on regular intervals whereas mentor participants would be required to submit a survey at the end of year

  • Time and mode of engagement is to be mutually agreed whereas it is recommended to connect at least once a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How is the mentor allocated?
A- A mentee and mentor choose each other. In stage 1, pool of mentors is being shared with mentees with their social profiles, for mentees to choose a mentor and request for their confirmation. Once a request has been accepted by a mentor the pair is formed, facilitated by ROAR administration team.

Q- I feel awkward starting the first couple of conversations with my mentor or mentee; how do I get over that?
A- Remember, both sides may feel a little awkward the first couple of times you reach out. You are both worried that the other person may be busy or may feel obligated to meet when you really don’t have the time. Use social media platforms to reach out—introduce yourself, agree to maybe do one of those icebreakers you do at meetings or in class, to learn about each other.

Q- I have reached out more than once and haven’t gotten a response. Should I reach out again?
A- We recommend you reach out at least twice before you contact us to tell us you cannot get a hold of your mentor or mentee. Sometimes people have commitments or deliverables. Drop an email/IM/text so they can get back to it later and if they may forget due to some unprecedented circumstances, a follow-up can be made. Not responding doesn’t necessarily mean the person isn’t interested, however, after consecutive lack of response, please notify at

Q- Do we have to plan a face to face meet?  
A- It is not mandatory to connect for face to face meeting, however if that makes sense and If both parties are comfortable it would be nice to connect face to face. Alternatively, social media platforms, video conferencing apps and chat tools can be used for interaction.

Q- I really like to mentors more than 1 protégés; can do that?
A- Yes, you may receive requests from multiple protégés which you may accept to mentor and send a confirmation. Otherwise, you may write to us at requesting the same.

Q- What is the time commitment involved?
A- We know you lead a busy life, but we recommend touch base at least once in a month through any communication channel.

Q- I have a suggestion how to make this program better. To whom should I send it?
A- Please send your inputs at