Student Learning Innovation and Networking Group (S.L.I.N.G.)

SLING is an interactive platform where all our students engage in various activities and imbibe important skills such as networking and teamwork.

It is also an endeavor to give them a chance to discover their different talents and take some time out from studies to indulge and cultivate those talents. Through student engagement and participation, SLING strives to provide a window for recreation, sports and knowledge.

There are various constructive activities conducted in SLING to engage the students from all the programs in RICS School of Built Environment.

There are different types of activities like seminars, cultural, sports, social service and more. Each activity provides students with opportunities to deepen their learning by applying perceptions and articulating new knowledge and many of these activities also provide the instructor feedback about the students’ learning.

All these activities are conducted as part of different clubs:

  1. Social Service Club
  2. Drama Club
  3. Entrepreneurship Club
  4. Music & Dance Club
  5. Stock Market Club
  6. Film Critics Club
  7. Roar Club
  8. Debate Club
  9. Photography Club

Students can choose to be part of one or more clubs. Each club has its own milestone achievements and activities. There is time assigned for these activities on a weekly basis.