The ground to set up RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University was laid in 2011. The idea was perceived when an RICS research demonstrated that nearly 80% shortage of skilled professionals in the Indian built environment sector was curbing its growth. Globally, RICS accredits specialized programs in built environment sector basis adherence to quality benchmark in education. Graduates passing out of such programs are found to be industry ready and are eligible to further qualify for the chartered qualification of RICS, which is a mark of professionalism and global competencies in the world of Built Environment.
In India, education in built environment sector was not aligned with the industry's needs wherein, civil engineers, architects and planners did not have the requisite skillsets and work acquiring it on the jobs. To help the sector grow and keep up the pace with India's growth requirement, the need for industry ready professionals was identified.
Being a global professional body acting in public interest, the industry entrusted RICS with the task to bridge this talent gap. As a result, RICS joined hands with India’s leading research and innovation driven university – Amity University, to establish the RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University in 2013.


RICS India Private Limited is a subsidiary of RICS - a global professional body headquartered in London.

Amity University

India's leading private university houses the RICS School of Built Environment at its Noida & Mumbai campuses.

RICS at 150

This video marks the 150th anniversary of RICS in 2018. It celebrates the heritage, reflects on its standing in today's context and explores its role in the future. Filmed in London and India, the video examines the global implications for real estate, construction and infrastructure and highlights the need to be more adaptive and resilient.



“We at RICS believe that it’s important to attract talented people into the profession of built environment for two reasons. Firstly as 70% of world’s wealth is tied up in land and real estate; and secondly because there is an unprecedented demand for building new cities to house the growing urban population around...
Mark Powell
Executive Director, Schools of Built Environment, RICS
“In our journey to contribute to nation building through education, an important focus area has been the real estate and construction sector. In pursuit of the highest quality standards, Amity joined hands with RICS to set up RICS School of Built Environment, as part of the Amity University. We take pride in...
Dr. Atul Chauhan
Chancellor, Amity University, UP and President, RBEF
RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University is offering a unique set of undergraduate and postgraduate programs focusing on the management of real estate, construction and infrastructure industry. The School was set up to professionalize the built environment industry and is making a genuine difference to the...
Ashwani Awasthi
Managing Director, RICS School of Built Environment
"Amity University Mumbai, has been actively taking academic initiatives to transform the education sector and groom industry-ready leaders as well as contribute towards nation-building. With a fully functioning RICS School of Built Environment in Mumbai campus we have strengthened our unique partnership with RICS...
Dr. Aseem Chauhan
President, Amity University, Mumbai
Additional President, RBEF
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