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Meghna Sarkar, MBA CPM 2020-22

"From RICS SBE, I got various professional learning skills and competencies to become a great pro...

Sukrit Mitra, MBA CPM 2019-21

Sukrit talks about his previous educational background as well as about the studies at the instit...

Gaurav Solanki, MBA CEQS 2020-22

"The course which they have designed and the software which we have learned, they are very much a...

Ranjeet Sharma, MBA CPM 2020-22

Ranjeet talks about why he enrolled in the RICS SBE's MBA in Construction Project Management Prog...

Nitin Hoon, MBA CEQS 2020-22

Nitin shares his feedback on how the online classes and internship experience has been. Additiona...

Aanchal Chawla, MBA CPM 2019-21

"I was part of the first batch who had to switch to online learning during Covid-19. While all of...

Mansi Arora, BBA REUI 2018-21

Mansi talks about her experience on how RICS SBE's education influenced her life and helped her b...

Srishti Vyas, PGDFM 2020-21

Srishti talks about her experience in year-long Post Graduate Diploma in Facilities Management, h...

Ramya Ganesh, MBA CEQS 2019-21

Ramya Ganesh, MBA CEQS (Batch 2019-21) shares why she decided to join RICS SBE, opting for a tech...

Meenal Katyal, MBA REUI Batch 2020-22

Meenal Katyal, MBA REUI (Batch 2020-22) shares her views on why the pandemic is the right time to...

Shubham Bhute, MBA REUI 2018-20

Shubham Bhute, from MBA REUI (2018-20) program, talks about why he chose RICS SBE, his journey he...

Sonali Sonker, MBA REUI 2019-21

Sonali Sonker, MBA REUI (2019-21) program, talks about her experience at RICS SBE, the Industry-l...

Asmita Khanna MBA REUI 2020-22

Asmita Khanna, part of MBA REUI batch 2020-22, talks about her experience in RICS SBE, She shares...

Megha Pandey MBA CPM 2018-20

Megha Pandey, a student of MBA Construction Project Management (2018-20), shares how her experien...

Shalom MBA CPM 2018-20

Shalom Jennifer Jayasekar , an MBA CPM student placed with Turner & Townsend talks about her life...

Sadhana MBA CEQS 2017-19

Sadhana took a risk and travelled 2500 km to join RICS SBE at the Noida campus to undertake #MBA ...

Tanisha Shetty MBA REUI 2017-19

Tanisha joined RICS SBE to understand the business aspect of Real Estate and how a project is con...

Sidharth MBA REUI 2017-19

Sidharth, an MBA Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure graduate, talks about how the last two years ...

Ateev MBA REUI 2017-19

Experience of #education, industry professionals, #placement at RICS School of Built Environment ...

Yamini Gupta MBA 2017-19

Confidence, Memories, Discipline. Yamini Gupta, an alumnus of RICS SBE, recounts how the last two...

Sailee Sawant MBA REUI 2017-19

She talks about the relevancy of the syllabus and how the highly experienced faculty helped her r...

Rohan Dalvi MBA CEQS 2016-18

Rohan Dalvi shares his story of understanding the entire project lifecycle.

Harkeerat Singh MBA CPM 2016-18

Harkeerat Singh teaches us how to build a passion into a career.

Mohd. Shafeek MBA REUI 2016-18

Mohd. Shafeek mentions that having all round knowledge of a project will help him immensely in fu...

Bharath Balasubramanya MBA REUI 2016-18

Bharath Balasubramanya shares his journey during MBA in Real Estate.

Subhendu Datta MBA CPM 2016-18

Subhendu Datta shares how RICS SBE has proved to be a catalyst in his success.

Abhiroop Sharma MBA CEQS 2016-18

Abhiroop Sharma shares his experience of studying at RICS SBE in a detailed Q&A

Faraz Khan MBA CPM 2016-18

Faraz Khan shares his experience of studying in MBA in Construction Project Management.

Kavish Yadav MBA CPM 2016-18

Kavish Yadav shares his account of how his life shaped up at RICS SBE.

Ajinkya Joshi MBA CPM 2016-18

Ajinkya Joshi shares his detailed journey of studying at RICS SBE

Megha Durgan MBA CPM 2016-18

With a will to create a positive impact on people's lives, Megha Durgan started her journey of ar...

Bharath Balasubramanya MBA REUI 2016-18

Bharath Balasubramanya, an alumnus of RICS SBE, MBA REUI (2016-18) talking about the impact of th...

Sourav Bhattacharjee PGDFM 2016-17

Sourav B, a civil engineer who chose to be a facilities manager.

Anurag Sharma MBA REUI 2015-17

Anurag Sharma always wanted to be an expert. Now he feels like one!

Farhah Rahman PGDFM 2016-17

Farhah Rahman talks about how facilities management opened up her way to work in an MNC.

Ankit Joshi PGDFM 2016-17

Ankit Joshi chose facilites management for faster growth.

Gokulesh S. MBA CPM 2015-17

Gokulesh feels he has transformed from a civil engineer to a project manager with an MBA in CPM.

Venkatesh A MBA CPM 2015-17

Venkatesh shared how he has transformed from an introvert to a confident professional

Harish Narayanan MBA REUI 2015-17

Harish Narayanan shares how an MBA in REUI will help him become a CEO of a property consulting fi...

Gowtham P MBA CEQS 2015-17

Gowtham P wanted to work in the global market of Quantity Surveying with an MBA in CEQS

Uplabdh Sharma MBA REUI 2015-17

Uplabdh Sharma says that an MBA in REUI proves to be a smart choice to launch your career.

Divank Awasthy PGDFM 2016-17

Divank Awasthy says that this is the right time for an architect to enter Facilities Management.

Monalisha Hazarika MBA CPM 2015-17

Monalisha Hazarika says that an MBA CPM helped her get a breakthrough in the global industry.

Tushar Nagare MBA CEQS 2015-17

Tushar Nagare feels that an engineering degree is not enough.

Parina Amulani MBA REUI 2015-17

Parina Amulani feels there is a lot of scope to real estate.

Ashwini Dharmarajan MBA CPM 2015-17

Ashwini Dharmarajan says she has learnt a lot of things that will help her throughout her life.

Arindam Pal PGDFM 2016-17

Arindam Pal, a hospitality graduate found his calling in facilities management.

Jatin Girotra BBA REUI 2013-16

Jatin Girotra tells all about his journey from a student to a professional.

Harshpreet Kaur MBA REUI 2014-16

Harshpreet Kaur believes there is immense opportunity in real estate sector.

Ekansh Baroliya BBA REUI 2013-16

Ekansh Baroliya finished his BBA REUI in 2016 and got placed in a job role of his choice - valuat...

Archit Dhawan MBA CEQS 2014-16

Archit Dhawan wants to work hard and become the CEO of a multi-national company.

Akshit Agarwal MBA CPM 2014-16

Akshit Agarwal shares his experience of learning at the University of Salford for one semester.

Amal Baiju Pallipattu MBA REUI 2014-16

Amal Baiju Pallipattu feels that a specialized education is your key to unlock the potential of t...

Rumi Mary Siga MBA CPM 2014-16

Rumi Mary Siga was willing to go abroad to pursue an RICS accredited course when she discovered R...

Rajat Goel MBA CPM 2014-16

Rajat Goel shares how from a civil engineer he transformed into a global professional.

Yuvraj Singh Manchanda BBA REUI 2013-16

Yuvraj Singh Manchanda feels that specialization is the key to a bright future.

Siddhant Agarwal BBA REUI 2013-16

Siddhant Agarwal shares his experience of traveling to 6 Asian Cities.

Garima Maheshwari MBA REUI 2014-16

Garima Maheshwari makes a mark in real estate with an MBA in REUI.

Udaiy Khanna BBA REUI 2013-16

Udaiy Khanna shares his experience of traveling to 6 Asian Cities as part of his internship.

Raja Subramanya MBA CPM 2014-16

Since childhood Raja Subramanya found ancient monuments very fascinating and wanted to be a civil...

Tertius S. MBA REUI 2014-16

Tertius S. shares his experience of studying at RICS SBE

Sonia Osik MBA CPM 2014-16

Sonia Osik feels that with MBA CPM - world class education is available at our doorstep

Miti Agarwal MBA CPM 2014-16

Miti Agarwal tells us about her ambitions and goals.

G. Vijayadiwakkar MBA CEQS 2014-16

G. Vijayadiwakkar feels that only a specialized MBA can give you a clear-cut direction to follow ...

Mithil Haldankar MBA CEQS 2014-16

Mithil Haldankar feels that anyone who wants a career in built environment should definitely stud...

Ayush Jain MBA CPM 2013-15

Ayush Jain was fascinated about breath taking structures and buildings and thought what goes into...

Shubham Pandey MBA CPM 2013-15

Shubham Pandey says that specialized education helps you soar to great heights.

Ankit Johri MBA REUI 2013-15

Ankit Johri feels that the mentorship at RICS SBE helped him out.

Harsh Madan MBA REUI 2013-15

Harsh Madan was always interested in finance as domain and real estate as a sector.

Mohammad Yunus MBA REUI 2013-15

Mohammad Yunus feels that RICS SBE was a unique journey of learning, exploring and upskilling spr...

Bhanu Sharma MBA CPM 2013-15

Bhanu Sharma says that techno-managerial skills is the requirement of the construction industry t...

Aditi Sharma MBA CPM 2013-15

Coming from a construction business family, Aditi Sharma had this spark to make it big in this fi...

Shashank Vashishta traveled to 6 Asian cities

Shashank Vashishta shares his account of traveling to to International Finance Centre (IFC tower ...

Ashita Jain MBA REUI 2013-15

Ashita Jain was oblivious to the organized facet of the real estate industry before coming to RIC...

Archana Veeramachaneni MBA REUI 2013-15

Archana Veeramachaneni, a professional tennis player scored high in the real estate industry with...

Afnan Hasan MBA CPM 2013-15

Afnan Hasan soon realized that for career progression, his engineering alone would not suffice.

Aakash Garg MBA REUI 2013-15

Aakash Garg shares his experience about the placement during his MBA REUI.

Rohit Dhiman MBA CPM 2013-15

Rohit Dhiman feels that having an MBA degree in CPM definitely sets me apart from the rest

Ayush Jain shares his study experience from Salford

Ayush Jain studied one semester abroad at the University of Salford.

Shashank Vashistha MBA REUI 2013-15

Shashank Vashistha shares how he grabbed a pre-placement offer during his internship.