Sourav B, a civil engineer who chose to be a facilities manager.

15 May 2017

Student Stories 2017

Sourav Bhattarcharjee
Civil Engineer
PGDFM 2016-17
Placed in CBRE in Facilities Management

Sourav, a civil engineer from Kolkata, quit his job after two years due to his fascination with the 24x7 perfect functioning of a shopping mall.  His sense of wonder and curiosity at what happens at the backend made him choose Facilities Management (FM). As a civil engineer, he could find similarities in FM like construction project operations (he had worked on building roads projects earlier during his time with Hindustan Steel Works Construction Limited), managing a team and communicating with high rankers and labors at the same time. Meeting a timeline and working in off hours, handling a new challenge every day are a few more things common he found in FM and CPM. There were subjects or skills from civil engineering that he found familiar and useful in FM like project management, cost estimation, quantity estimation and being a team player.

After choosing FM, he discovered that at the heart of both civil engineering and facilities management is the management of human resource. The people skills he learned as a civil engineer are applicable in this field – a Facilities Manager manages people from all types of background and ensures smooth and efficient functioning of a building. One of the biggest reliefs for him after choosing FM was not to work in harsh weather conditions (he has worked in 45 degrees and -21 degrees) and in a white collar job with an organizational approach.

Sourav made the decision of taking up FM as he wanted to look for a post-graduation degree that he could take up without wasting too much of his time. After learning from his friends about FM, he found that as a career, it is the best time to enter this field as there is a huge demand of professionals in this field with technical background. He chose to be part of this evergreen career and enrolled for a job oriented diploma which only required the investment of a year with a practical training in the end.

Today, he is happy to be a part of facilities management and is soon going on a three month internship with CBRE in Facilities Management. His plan is to work in the industry for some years and then open his own FM agency.