The institution has two specialized schools for advanced education, training and research. Beginning in 2013, the schools have grown into knowledge hubs focused on building thought leadership in real estate & urban development, infrastructure management, construction and facilities management along with nurturing specialized professionals ready to face future challenges.


School of Real Estate and Infrastructure

Enabling students to speak & understand the global real estate language thereby bringing credibility to the industry.

School of Construction

Nurturing the development of critical thinking skills and developing knowledge and technology expertise in construction.


The Indian built industry is aware of the urgent need to initiate global standards of practice. It is here that RICS SBE going forward will look to accelerate the provision of an empowered and globally vetted human resource to the industry.
Prof. Dr. Mona Shah
Dean, RICS School of Built Environment, Noida
Our foremost effort is to create a generation of future leaders who adopt best practices to revolutionize the built environment industry. The programs are designed to develop world class professionals with competency, culture & character. The students here have the opportunity to learn from world class faculty...
Prof. Jagdish K. Math FRICS
Dean, RICS School of Built Environment, Mumbai
The RICS SBE Noida has entered its fifth year of functioning. Our consistent progress has caught global attention of Academia and the Industry. The key is to maintain our quality in growth. Our administration and infrastructure too will grow to meet the emerging need. A full commitment from the faculty and...
Prof. K.T. Ravindran FRICS
Academic Advisor, RICS School of Built Environment
Contemporary knowledge, practical skills and professional values that real estate students have developed during this time at RICS SBE, will meet the requirements of the real estate industry nationally and internationally – in contributing to the profession and society at large. With multi-disciplinary education...
Amol Shimpi MRICS
Associate Dean & Director, School of Real Estate
Complexities of project delivery and importance of issues such as sustainability and ethics are just a few examples of how construction students are being prepared at RICS SBE to take on the challenges of the Indian construction sector. Working closely with the industry our students understand the crucial role...
Prof. Dr. Joseph V. Thanikal
Associate Dean & Director, School of Construction
Our faculty is a blend of academic and Industry professionals. This equips the students with local knowledge and international best practices making them industry ready.
Anupam Saxena MRICS
Officiating Associate Dean, School of Real Estate,
Our students are being exposed to latest technologies, materials, products and systems that will catapult the industry to higher operational efficiencies. Students are also learning the latest paradigms such as cloud-based contract and document management systems, Building Information Modelling and offsite...
Dr. Sanjay Patil MRICS
Director, School of Construction


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