Mohammad Yunus feels that RICS SBE was a unique journey of learning, exploring and upskilling spread across two years.

24 April 2015

Student stories 2015

Mohammad Yunus
IT Engineer
MBA REUI 2013-15
Placed as Manager (Sales & Marketing) at Akshaya Housing

I was an IT graduate with a year’s experience in the business analytics division of an IT firm. But my dreams brought me to RICS SBE. I took up MBA in REUI in the very first batch. What followed was a unique journey of learning, exploring and skilling spread across two years.

Real estate cannot be taught with books alone, so on an average we had one site visit in every two weeks, followed by guest lectures by eminent industry stalwarts. I think this helped me sharpen my skill set and gave me in-depth understanding of this field which in turn helped me in the placement process. I applied in three companies – TATA Housing, Akshaya and Mahindra Lifespace Developers. I was selected in two – TATA Housing and Akshaya after the initial screening, group discussion followed by personal interview.

Throughout the process I received valuable help by faculty and mentorship team. They provided guidance on improving my soft skills and presenting my knowledge in a refined manner. All this I believe, helped me bag the offer of a Manager (Sales & Marketing) with Akshaya.

I think they selected me because of RICS pedigree, my unique specialized degree in real estate, my communication skills and analytical abilities. I think very few MBA graduates from other institutes can boast about such an achievement in their campus placement.