Ayush Jain was fascinated about breath taking structures and buildings and thought what goes into making them.

30 April 2015

Student stories 2015

Ayush Jain
Civil Engineer
MBA CPM 2013-15
Placed as Risk Consultant at KPMG


From a very small age I was fascinated about breath taking structures and buildings and thought what goes into making them. To pursue my interest I did civil engineering but after engineering I realized that merely technical skills would not help me make a successful career in this field. So to equip myself with managerial skills that were relevant to my sector I chose an MBA in Construction Project Management (CPM) from RICS SBE.

When the placements began, I was in UK at the University of Salford for a student exchange program. Many construction industry leaders and multinational companies from across the globe visited the campus to provide placement opportunities to the potential students. At RICS SBE the companies offered handsome packages to the students and reputed designations which is great platform to start. RICS SBE made it a point that all students get equal and fair opportunity to apply in the companies of their choices and interest. Every student was allotted a mentor throughout their placement period which guided and supported the students. RICS SBE organized Skype sessions for students like me (who were abroad) to prepare them for their interviews.

Having an exposure of studying in an international university (one semester at University of Salford) and working in a real estate consultancy firm in U.K (during the same time), I wanted to work in an international consultancy company. I applied for KPMG and I gave my interview through Skype which was also the first interview of my life.

I got selected in KPMG which is a really big achievement for me. I would say that the performance of a student in an interview is not merely based on last two weeks learning but it’s about the knowledge inculcated throughout the course, management skills developed at the internship and competency gained through series of presentation, case studies and industry interaction.