Harshpreet Kaur believes there is immense opportunity in real estate sector.

18 April 2016

Students stories 2016

Harshpreet Kaur
BBA in Finance
MBA REUI 2014-16
Placed at Tata Housing in Sales

Harshpreet Kaur did an MBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure (REUI) and got placed with Tata Housing and is understandably proud of her achievement since not many girls have done that.

My dreams and aspirations
I belong to a business family and I’ve always had an independent streak. My aim since childhood has been that should be completely independent in life, never having to depend on anyone for anything. For this I needed to have a well-paying career and my research showed me the career opportunities presented by the real estate industry.

Why I chose RICS SBE
I came to know about RICS SBE through a newspaper advertisement and then researched it on the internet. I found out that this was an industry led institution and gives great exposure and placement opportunities to students and then the brand value of RICS was enough to convince me that this was the right place for my post grad degree.

My experience while learning at RICS SBE
I was very impressed by the leadership series as industry leaders come to our campus and give us detailed insights into the industry, which is something that can never be available in text books. The faculty is from the industry and works hard to develop our skills and make us all rounded individuals who are ready to take on any challenges in our jobs.
My internship and placement experience
I was very impressed by how seriously everyone right from the faculty to the senior and top managers take the placements. My internship experience was very good; I worked with Knight Frank India in Gurgaon in the residential department. Being a fresher the internship gave me great exposure to the corporate world along with helping me learn how to apply my classroom learning in the field.  The pre placement process had clinics for various subjects during every weekend and then we also got a few classes of Image consulting by Mrs. Samira Gupta which indeed helped me in my placements. We were given a chance to apply for companies by going through the job descriptions of the companies. I applied for Mahindra Life Spaces and Tata Housing. I am so glad that I got placed with Tata Housing in sales.
 My future plans
I want to work with Tata Housing for say 5-7 years till I make good contacts in the industry and then depending on the market conditions and opportunities around me, I would look for a switch either to an IPC or maybe start my own business in real estate.
My views on a specialized MBA and being a girl in a relatively male dominated industry
I only wanted to do a specialized MBA, I explored other options (Finance etc.) but real estate was one option that I felt was best for me and now I feel lucky that I chose real estate as my specialization.
I think gender does not matter. I have seen that many women have reached the highest ranks in this industry. I think this sector holds immense opportunity for anyone (irrespective of gender) who cares to take it seriously. Performance pays and I intend to reach the top.