Yuvraj Singh Manchanda feels that specialization is the key to a bright future.

07 April 2016

student stories 2016

Yuvraj Singh Manchanda
BBA REUI 2013-16
Placed in Sales at Tata Housing

Yuvraj Singh Manchanda, a BBA graduate from RICS SBE got placed with Tata Housing. No mean feat when you consider that Tata Housing does not hire BBA graduates but they bent their rules to hire him. Here is a firsthand account of his experience.

My dreams and ambition
When I was a child I didn’t have any focus on what I wanted to be when I grew up. But I was fond of watching movies and what I saw was that to be rich, influential and powerful you have to be in the real estate sector. I guess that left a deep impact on my mind because that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up! While I was growing up I saw the growth of high rises and sky scrapers in India and my fascination for them was a clincher in deciding that I had to have a career in real estate.

Why I chose RICS SBE
After finishing my 12th I had to find an appropriate institution to study. I consulted my friends and family and discussed with industry experts and was initially a bit double minded about joining RICS SBE but my parents were very convinced that an institution that was based in U.K. and had the backing of 145 years of experience would definitely be good for me. So rather than join a DU college, I took the plunge and enrolled for a specialized BBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure (REUI) from RICS SBE.

My learning experience here
I started off being naughty like I was in school but my desire to have a good enriching career soon brought my focus to my studies. I soon found my footing and paid attention to my professors and studied hard.  The industry based faculty, guest lectures, seminars, skill developments, site visits, internship and finally the placement, every step brought me closer to my goal. With every passing year I could feel the difference in myself and travelled the journey from being a brash young boy to a confident and well informed young man.

My Internship and placement
I interned with a company called Ace Infraheights, which is a developer firm. I joined as a sales executive and after just two months, by the grace of my learning I was the best guy in sales & marketing. That was certainly a boost to my confidence. During this phase I also developed my communication and persuasion skills.

I was the second student from my batch to get placed and it was a validation of my decision to join RICS SBE because Tata Housing normally does not hire BBA graduates and yet they hired me because of my learning.

Specialization a must to do well
After having graduated with a specialization, I have a very clear vision and sense of direction about what I want to do in my professional life. My classmates from school who have done just a generic BBA are still struggling to find a direction and professional foothold. I advise all my juniors to go for a specialization and a couple of them have already enrolled here.