Coming from a construction business family, Aditi Sharma had this spark to make it big in this field, right from the beginning.

22 April 2015

Student stories 2015

Aditi Sharma
Civil Engineer
MBA CPM 2013-15
Placed in Project Management at Knight Frank

Coming from a construction business family, Aditi had this spark to make it big in this field, right from the beginning. To break norms and to create an identity for herself in this industry she decided to pursue an MBA in CPM from RICS SBE. In her final year, she also went to University of Salford, UK for one semester under the student exchange program. The exposure and knowledge she gained at RICS SBE helped her in getting placed with one of the leading international consultancy firm, Knight Frank.

The institution provides full support to the students regarding placements and gets engaged with companies themselves. I think RICS SBE provides a great platform to get introduced with the industry professionals, to know how industry works, to get introduced beforehand to the real projects experiencing the practicalities of it at an early stage. I gained knowledge on management skills, work process involved in project management & construction management and the applications that are used. All this knowledge was reinforced with real life case studies and site visits that helped me imbibe the skills at the grassroots level. It also helped me prepare as a better professional in my career.

Also I am grateful to RICS SBE to provide me an opportunity to study at the University of Salford, UK. It is one of the top universities offering construction program in UK. I also got an opportunity to intern with Procure Plus while studying there. It provided the exposure of advanced technologies used in developed economies in the construction industry.

I think all this, helped me in my placement at Knight Frank. Considering I also did my internship with them after the 2nd semester and my international exposure, I think I got selected effortlessly. When the placement process started I was still in UK for the student exchange program. I was interviewed on skype and to arrange that, the faculty have given full support and encouragement.

Now I am ready to leave my mark in this industry. Being a girl, I do not feel inhibited and am ready to face challenges that come my way. In UK, I have seen girls as much capable as boys in this industry. This gives me the hope that in India, sometime soon I will be able to count as many girls as boys in this industry. And to make this a reality, I will start with myself. I am ready to carve my space in an IPC.