Anurag Sharma always wanted to be an expert. Now he feels like one!

14 May 2017

Student Stories 2017

Anurag Sharma
Civil Engineer
MBA REUI 2016-18
Placed in Strategic Consulting with JLL, Gurgaon


After completing civil engineering, Anurag realized that he wanted to be part of commercial sector and so he pursued an MBA in Real Estate to become a subject matter expert. See what happened two years after he took this decision - was he able to meet his goals? Did he got placed? Is he satisfied? - in his own words.

“When I was a child I wanted to be a pilot as I belong to an Indian armed forces family. But later on I realized this wasn’t meant for me. What I really wanted was to be an expert, so I chose civil engineering. During my B.Tech I wasn’t much aware about the managerial skills required in the real corporate world. Even my people skills were not much developed.
After coming to RICS SBE, I realized that to be successful in life, both managerial and people skills are very important. I started working on developing these skills with the help of faculty and dedicated course curriculum here. Real estate actually needs people with very specific skills who know what to sell and how to sell it. There is a very thin line between MBA in Real Estate & MBA in CPM – both, after all,  require that you deal with people. But in real estate you meet new people daily, you grow your network of influence.

For a fresher, I have been given a great kickstart. I am not beginning from zero, I will start my career with a big firm and will not struggle for a headstart. With my globally renowned degree, I will make headways to bigger opportunities in the long run.”