Harkeerat Singh teaches us how to build a passion into a career.

04 May 2018

student stories 2018

Harkeerat Singh
MBA CPM 2016-18
Placed with DSA Architects as Project Co-ordinator

From childhood, Harkeerat was highly interested in the buildings, in how they were formed or how they were designed to be in a certain way. During High School, Harkeerat participated in Future Cities India 2020 – Student Competition where his team won the competition and Harkeerat realized that his interest in architecture had turned into passion. He went on to study B.Arch at Gateway College of Architecture and Design and topped the university with 7.2 CGPA. After bachelor in architecture, Harkeerat started a small firm with 2 other colleagues and worked on several small commercial cafes and residential projects in South Delhi. Later, in 2016, he joining RICS SBE to pursue MBA in Construction Project Management to understand the complexities involved in the construction phase of a project. During his internship at Creative Group, Harkeerat was part of sales & marketing where he worked on contracts and documentations. Also, he worked on filing tenders & doing bidding for various government projects. This helped Harkeerat understand the other sides of a project.

Apart from academics, Harkeerat went on tour to various countries to understand the architectural aspects of the cities around the world. He talks about how economy and culture of a country reflects upon the architecture of buildings. For instance, there is a starking difference in architecture of Malaysia and Cambodia despite being close in distance.

Harkeerat is joining DSA Architects, a leading international architectural practice in Dubai, as project co-ordinator. Down the line in 4-5 years, Harkeerat aspires to reach at a higher managerial role and wants to work in design as well.