Archit Dhawan wants to work hard and become the CEO of a multi-national company.

14 April 2016

Students stories 2016

Archit Dhawan
MBA CEQS 2014-16
Placed as Quantity Surveyor at SYConE CPMC

Archit Dhawan is an example for all students as he has proven that there is no bastion that you can’t conquer once you put your mind to it. By dint of sheer hard work and dedication, he did well in his MBA in Construction Economics & Quantity Surveying (CEQS) and got placed with Sycone CPMC.
My aspirations
I come from a family who is in the construction business, therefore since childhood I was more inclined towards charting my career path in the construction industry. However I was a little easy going and thought I would simply join the family business. I did my graduation from Amity University and while I was searching their website for post grad courses in construction management, I found out about RICS SBE. I have a bit of a passion for numbers so I did not have to deliberate too long and enrolled myself for an MBA in CEQS because I wanted to enhance my knowledge of finance as per the construction industry.
My learning experience at RICS SBE
Joining this institution was a planned step towards a career that I had always leaned towards as a child. Being an industry led institution, it truly equips the students with specific skillsets that are relevant and required by the industry. Before I joined here, I had a very sketchy idea about the construction sector. Here, they helped me to explore it in detail and zero in on what job role I really wanted to have. Being from a non-technical background, it was difficult for me to cope with the subject that I had chosen. But the professors are well-seasoned with at least 15 – 20 years of experience; along with their help, I worked hard and managed to do well. I will forever be indebted to Anil sir, Sachin sir, and Nimish Sir for they are the best mentors that anyone could ever want.

My internship experience
I had a wonderful experience while I interned with Currie and Brown. Being from a non-technical background I had a lot to learn.  I consider myself very fortunate to have got the opportunity to have an internship experience like that. My industry mentor Mr. Rupendra Malik and immediate Head Mr. Jitendra Minral helped me a lot to understand many aspects of the construction industry.

My placement experience
RICS SBE has a very detailed pre placement process which helped a fresher like me to grasp the success mantra to breeze through interviews. First we get a list of all the companies who come to the campus, we choose the companies that we want to apply to and then our counselors at RICS SBE help to orient us according to our skillsets and interests. It was so encouraging to see all the top companies of the real estate sector on our campus. I applied to a few companies and got selected by Sycone CPMC. I think I aced the interview because of all the industry specific knowledge that I had acquired here.
My future plans
First I used to think that I would join the family business, but now after having seen the opportunities presented by this sector, I have decided to work hard and become the CEO of a multi-national company. Doing this specialized MBA has changed my life for good because I would rather be the master of one trade than a jack of all!