Ajinkya Joshi shares his detailed journey of studying at RICS SBE

23 April 2018

Student stories 2018

Ajinkya Joshi
MBA CPM 2016-18
Placed in VConstruct in BD

Tell us about your background, your childhood dreams regarding career choices, your plan for life in some detail.
I am Ajinkya Joshi and I hail from Nagpur. Although I have lived throughout the country as my father was frequently transferred to various military bases while he served in the Indian Army, I finished my 10th and 12th boards from Nagpur. After that I got admission in the prestigious Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur where I finished my Bachelors in Architecture.

Since childhood I was good at solving problems. Wherever I saw a problem I used to find multiple options of how to solve them. This ingrained in me good analytical skills that helped me throughout my graduation. Architecture was a blessed coincidence that offered me a plethora of options and opportunities to further my career.  After working for 6 months in a Design and Painting Startup firm I decided to pursue Construction Management as I wanted to enhance my practical knowledge about the construction industry. Thus, I eventually took admission in RICS SBE to pursue MBA in Construction Project Management.

In the future, I see myself as a managing director of a firm dwelling into various new technologies that integrate BIM technology along with newer practices in construction in the next 10 years.

What made you go for MBA in RICS SBE?
I was searching for various institutes that would offer Construction Management and bumped into the RICSSBE website after looking at their advertisement on social media. This encouraged me to know more about the courses offered here and made me apply for the MBA in Construction Management Course as it was the right fit for me and connected well with my career goals.

RICS SBE offered courses that seemed to be well organized and sorted on their website. It offered an MBA degree which attracted me as other B Schools would offer only a PGDM. The course would be conducted in India with a global exposure with frequent visits from renowned personalities in the construction industry that would give a great perspective on the global outlook of the construction scenario throughout the world. Also RICS accredited degree added the final charm as it is widely accepted in various countries throughout the world.

How was your experience while learning at RICS SBE?
RICS SBE has been a pleasant ride. In the first semester you get to know about the basics of the industry that we aren’t usually taught in our undergraduate courses. These knowledge areas are either learnt in the school or while practicing. This along with the basics of management made my leaning fruitful. In the second semester, I was more focused on scoring well in academics, so I mastered the various subjects offered and got appreciated for my efforts by the teachers. In the third semester I continued performing well in the exams and my performance was equal to the previous semester. Moreover the constant support from the teachers and colleagues helped me redefine my overall profile as an all-rounder. Apart from this I was also active in [S.L.I.N.G], which helped me hone my soft skills. I actively organized various events and student initiatives and was elected as an administrative head for the students group in my final year in the school. 

Why would you recommend RICS SBE to others?
RICS SBE offers a perfect package of key technical knowledge areas blended with management. 

  •     It offers a degree rather than a diploma where the courses are well designed and appropriate for today’s market.
  •     It is total value for money.
  •     When “learning” is the primary motivation, you’d excel here.
  •     RICS SBE provides various internship and job opportunities and exposes us to various new trends that keep going around in the industry.
  •     You’d not go empty handed thinking that it was a bad investment. Any knowledge that you acquire here will be beneficial in some way or the other.

How was your internship experience?
During my internship at VConstruct India Pvt. Ltd. In Pune, I was assigned to the proposal modelling department where I was responsible for modelling, analysis, data collection, schedule processing, contour modelling and creating and selling 2D, 3D, 4D and VR simulations for projects of DPR Construction, USA. The sites for all of my projects were in the U.S.A. This ensured that the projects that I worked on needed a lot of communication on a virtual platform and interaction and collaboration with our client. BIM being an integral part of the job, I created various walkthroughs and simulations with videos for around 13 projects successfully. I was blessed to work extensively, solving problems and creating models for business development of the organization and creating better solutions for the client.

Tell us about your placement experience?
Placement at RICS was a fully involved process. The placement committee along with the in-house BD team works hard for placing the students. With grooming starting from first year and frequent placement workshops assessing you and grading you at every step it becomes the most exciting and nail biting experience for the students. My placement process for VConstruct India Pvt. Ltd. started with an online written exam that tested our capabilities in BIM, quantity surveying and management. After getting selected for that, we had to go through an online personal interview round where I was asked about my internship experience and competencies. The sheer fact that I had worked in the same organization during my internship and performed well there, successfully finishing 13 projects in 2 months’ time gave me an upper edge in getting selected for the organization, eventually getting placed for a BIM implementation + Business Development role. I would give credit of my selection in the firm solely to the efforts that I put in while working in the organization during my internship and building credibility about my work ethics and also to the regular support from the faculty to advise me and focus on the basics as it is the key to getting a job because it polishes your skills for the future.

Tell us about your future plans.
I am currently focusing on getting ready for the job that I am going to start in June. Eventually I would like to enhance my knowledge in newer technologies and get acquainted with their practical implications in completing projects. In the next ten years I’d like to be a managing director of a firm that delves into BIM and specializes in modern techniques in construction. Apart from that I’ll be getting various accredited certifications from IGBC, LEED (BD + C) and PMP to enhance by profile.

How do you think this specialized MBA added to your skills?
A specialized MBA gives an added advantage to an individual who is an architect or an engineer as it enhances his/her knowledge about the practical application of their skills in the projects that they work on. A specialized MBA degree helps in honing an individual’s leadership skills and develop the foundational knowledge he/she needs to develop to further accelerate their career. Specialized MBA helps in acquiring the required knowledge related specifically to our sector and enriches us with the minute details that help us in completing a project effectively and efficiently. These advantages we don’t get to see when we go for a generic MBA degree. A specialized degree holds a more significant and an upper hand as compared to the generic degree.