Aman Tibrewal - MBA REUI

Student Stories

Aman Tibrewal
MBA REUI 2013-15

Aman holds a B.Com in Cost Accounting from MIT, Pune.

He is currently doing his internship with IDFC and shares his thoughts with us, over this Q & A.

Q1. What kind of career did you aspire to have when you joined RICS SBE?

Real estate always thrilled me and when I heard about this course was extremely happy as I aspire to become a developer one day.

Q2. What kind of handholding you received from the School before the internship process started?

We got all the reading material about key topics which would help us during our internship. The topics covered helped us in our internship project given by the companies. Mock interviews were also very rigorous and helped a lot.

Q3. What were your thoughts on the kind of companies who were on campus for internships?

I was surprised to see so many real estate companies coming for internship, just in the first year of the batch. This was indeed very motivating.

Q4. How was your experience interacting with potential employers? What kind of questions were asked? 

Overall, it was a nice experience as I learnt a lot and came to know what kind of skills are required for a particular type of job. They asked questions on what we knew about their organization, what we expect from them in the next two months and some technical questions.

Q5. What all firms did you interview with? What are your thoughts/views about the firm you are interning with? What kind of projects do you want to work on / skills do you want to gain, in your internship period?

I was interviewed by Tata Realty and IDFC. I am currently working in IDFC as it is one of the top companies in real estate finance. I would like to learn all the skills required for real estate financing.

Q6. How were your early days in the real world? Any interesting experiences or impressions you want to share?

Early days in the office are very good - the environment is very promising. No one treats me as an outsider and makes me comfortable.