Ekansh Baroliya finished his BBA REUI in 2016 and got placed in a job role of his choice - valuations with CBRE.

15 April 2016

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Ekansh Baroliya
BBA REUI 2013-16
Placed in Valuations with CBRE

Ekansh Baroliya finished his BBA REUI in 2016 and got placed in a job role of his choice: valuations with CBRE, which is a global firm. He very candidly answers some of our qustions.
Tell us about your background, childhood dreams and your goals in life.
As a child I was very confused about what I wanted to do in life. One day I wanted to be a doctor and the next day an engineer and sometimes a lawyer. After my 12th I zeroed in on a career in real estate; an option which I had never even thought of before even though my father is in the construction business. I realized being a real estate professional would give me the opportunity to make it big in life while doing all the things that I love to do.

What made you choose to study at RICS SBE? 
I found out about RICS SBE through a family friend. He told me about the world class infrastructure and faculty and the fact that this institute has complete support from the industry, helped me to make my mind up in an instant.

Tell us about your internship and placement.
RICS SBE prepares their students for internships through an exhaustive process, site visits are organized and our faculty prepares us for our first step into the industry. This exposure to the industry is very important for us to associate our classroom knowledge with real life situations. I interned in a consultancy firm called Black Olive Ventures. The invaluable experience there helped me to get placed in such a well-known firm like CBRE in valuations with a starting salary that is normally offered to MBAs. I am really looking forward to starting my work there.

How would you talk about your RICS SBE experience?
I think I have undergone a complete transformation in these three years. I could always talk but now I talk with a confidence that has come from my learning process here. It’s a very reassuring feeling to know that your professors are always available to you. RICS SBE has helped me to achieve my goal.