Sonia Osik feels that with MBA CPM - world class education is available at our doorstep

31 March 2016

Student stories 2016

Sonia Osik
Civil Engineer
MBA CPM 2014-16
Placed at Al Futtaim Carillion in Planning

Sonia Osik, a young girl who did her post-graduation in Construction Project Management (CPM) and beat quite a few young men to a dream placement with Al-Futtaim Carillon, Dubai. She is a source of inspiration for young girls who are thinking of making a career in the real estate sector.

My dreams and aspirations
As I child I always wanted to be a civil engineer, just like my father who works in a government department. I did my engineering from Punjab and then I too got a government job offer. However, I was keener to work in the private sector. So I decided to study further in order to land a good job. A friend of mine was already studying at RICS SBE and introduced me to their courses. After a lot of pondering I decided to take up an MBA in CPM.
My learning experience at RICS SBE
This may sound repetitive because most students say this, but the fact is that we are getting world class education right at our doorstep. If we still want to get a flavor of education abroad, we have the option of doing one semester from the university of Salford U.K. The faculty here, is simply excellent and the professors are there to guide you at every step. They are always available whenever you need them. I am so glad that for once in my student life I felt that the curriculum that I had to follow was actually designed according to the needs of the industry. I feel I have got more than I ever thought I would.
My internship and placement experience
The internship process was so good that I actually felt like I was already working at my job. It is taken so seriously that the placement team puts in as much effort for internships as they do for placements. Because of the internships, I was ready to take on the placement interviews with a lot of confidence. I simply don’t have words to describe my feeling when I learnt that I had been accepted for a job with Al Futtaim Carillon, Dubai in the planning department. I am both nervous and excited as I get ready to do join my job in Dubai.
The edge I get by being a woman professional
I feel as women, we are better managers than men, because we have this inborn instinct of managing, organizing and multi-tasking things. Add to it the technical knowledge and we exceed the capabilities of our male counterparts. This is probably the reason why more and more women are succeeding in this industry year after year.