Harsh Madan was always interested in finance as domain and real estate as a sector.

27 April 2015

Student stories 2015

Harsh Madan
IT Engineer
MBA REUI 2013-15
Placed as Financial Analyst at JLL

Before doing my MBA, I was an Engineer by qualification and an IT professional by profession.  But I was always interested in finance as domain and real estate as a sector. When I got to know about RICS SBE, I did a thorough research before joining because leaving behind a fulltime job was not easy. I am glad I decided upon my MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure (REUI) from RICS SBE.

My placement experience was exciting and rewarding. Though there was initial anxiety which is associated with all these processes but individual attention given from senior management, dedicated coordinators and prior intimation of list of companies (which are who’s who of the industry) helped a lot.  I have specific requirements which were understood by the management and then my positioning through resume and mentoring was done for specific purpose.

The process had different rounds:



  • Initial Introductory HR round

  • Technical Interview

  • Client Interview with Brookfield - CFO

  • Client Interview :  Brookfield – Operation Head

Faculty and management helped and supported me in early joining during my last semester as per requirements of client. I think I was selected because of acquired experience in real estate & finance and my experience in IT in enterprise applications.

I applied for KPMG and JLL. I got selected in JLL for project Brookfield (real estate private equity project) in Client Finance. I am still new and getting settled in my new role at JLL. Though work is too much but I am at the right place and getting a lot of exposure.