Tertius S. shares his experience of studying at RICS SBE

01 April 2016

Student Stories 2016

Tertius S.
Civil Engineer
MBA REUI 2014-16
Placed in Valuations at Colliers

Tertius S. completed his MBA REUI in 2016 and got placed in the Chennai office of Colliers. In a short interview he talks about his dreams and achievements so far.

Tell us about your background, your childhood dreams regarding career choices, your plan for life in some detail.
For the past 50 years my family has been in business. Due to some reasons my father struggled with various things before he settled on a real estate business. As a family we developed a vision to become real estate developers. As a result, two of my sisters chose to pursue a career in architecture and 3 brothers (Including me) chose to be civil engineers. After my graduation I went to work with ICICI bank in their mortgage valuation group. Even since my childhood I wanted to do something big and be a ‘big man’ so when I heard about this program at RICS SBE I knew that I’d found the way to achieve my dreams.
How did you come to know about RICS SBE?
While working with ICICI bank my friend and colleague introduced me to RICS SBE but before that a surveyor in Tamil Nadu had already told me about RICS membership and how important it is for a real estate professional to have it.
What made you go for MBA in REUI in RICS SBE?
I started my career with real estate valuation and at a certain point of time I felt that if I wanted to succeed I needed to upgrade my knowledge about real estate. I came across some courses in Tamil Nadu also, but I felt RICS SBE would be my best option because they are supported by the Ministry of urban Development and also by the industry and also because they have a world class faculty who is from the industry.
How was your experience while learning at RICS SBE?
My overall experience here was very good. Sumit Anand Sir taught us about cap rates in tutorials. I can assure you that if you ask me about cap rates in my sleep I can explain them to you verbatim! The Leadership Lecture Series was excellent. Eminent leaders from the industry come and share their experiences and insights with the students. Once the Chairman of ATS Group came to our campus to give a speech, at that time he didn’t carry any slides but I still remember his speech. During his talk he cleared so many doubts like how to start a business, how to work etc. RICS SBE gave me a lot of knowledge about real estate and my expectations are totally fulfilled.
Why would you recommend RICS SBE to others?

  • Placement in international companies
  • The seasoned and experienced faculty at RICS SBE will ensure that you acquire knowledge that you can actually use when you work.
  • Practical and fun learning
  • Leadership series which will help students to get a first-hand knowledge about the industry
  • They are concerned about their students and the association does not end when you are through with your studies. 

How was your internship experience? What did you learn?
I had a really good internship experience. I got a chance to interact with industry leaders and they told me where to improve my skills and knowledge. During my internship I got an opportunity to apply my classroom knowledge in practical life and this ensured that I was more than ready when I had to actually join my job.
Tell us about your placement experience
I was one of the lucky ones who got a pre-placement offer  from Colliers for their Chennai office so I did not have to go through the placement process. But I saw that here they take placements very seriously and students go through mock interviews, counselling sessions and polishing of soft skills before the actual interviews begin.

What are your future plans?
I will work for a few years and gain valuable experience. After that, I would like to join our family business and use my experience to take it up to the next level.
Do you think a generic MBA would have given the same opportunities?
I definitely think that a specialized MBA is the right choice because it opens the door to much better job opportunities than what you would get if you did a plain MBA. I think that specialization is the way forward for the future.