Ayush Jain studied one semester abroad at the University of Salford.

06 January 2015

Student stories 2015

Ayush Jain
MBA CPM 2013-15
Studied one semester at University of Salford
Placed with KPMG

As a small child, Ayush Jain was fascinated about buildings and structures. He often thought what went into making them. Early in life he decided upon his career choice and took the first step towards it in the form of civil engineering. After that he opted for an MBA in CPM at RICS SBE to hone his technical skills and gain managerial abilities. As a person, he likes to face challenges, learn new skills and keeps updating his knowledge.

Here he talks about fulfilling his dream of studying abroad by choosing to study a semester at University of Salford, UK as part of RICS student exchange program.

You went for the student exchange program and studied at the University of Salford, UK. Why did you go for this?
Like every other student I had this dream to study overseas in an international university. RICS SBE offers its students an opportunity to study a semester at University of Salford in UK. Thus, to fulfill my aspiration of studying abroad, I decided to pursue this student exchange program. As this program was being conducted for the first time there were many uncertainties and it was hard to stake my whole semester to go for this program but I trust RICS SBE. I had gone with my instincts while taking admission in the very first batch of RICS SBE. I did the same for this program because with RICS SBE you can never go wrong. They always deliver beyond your expectations.

What is this exchange program about?
The idea of this student exchange program is not about RICS SBE’s students getting promoted to a higher or a better university. It’s about two universities with similar elite status, best faculties as well as state of the art facilities to provide a platform for the students to learn, explore and share their knowledge of latest technologies, methods and techniques being used in the construction industry and understand the problems they are facing.

How effective was the teaching at the University of Salford, UK?
Studying at the University of Salford was a delight. The subjects and study material which were taught at the University of Salford RICS SoBE were same as we were taught in RICS SBE India. The only difference was the context in which they were formulated. There the module were framed in accordance to the UK construction industry.

What new things did you learn?
Studying at University of Salford provided me with a better and a different insight about the sector due to the advancement and development in the construction industry in UK. The RICS SoBE is also running a research organization which provides leadership in construction technology at the national level.

What exposure did you get?
I got an opportunity to do an internship with a real estate consultancy company while studying there. This gave me real industry exposure in UK. The organization worked in a totally different format. It provided a framework solution to all the stakeholder members involved in delivering social group housing in the north of England. Working there gave me a better understanding of the construction industry of UK.

Was the experience worthwhile?
Yes, definitely. Studying with a different set of people while sharing knowledge and skills, changes your outlook of looking at things. It not only broadens your horizon, it also makes you more accepting and creative in thought process.

One memorable experience was being invited for an informal dinner by the University Vice Chancellor, Mr. Martin Hall at his place which was also attended by Mr. Ian P Perry, RICS India Head and Prof. Arif, Director of International School at University of Salford. Sharing a drink with the esteemed personalities was a lifetime experience.

What support did RICS SBE provide?
The institute and faculties supported me thoroughly for this program by going out of their ways to make it possible. They also ensured that I get to do an internship which not only gave me a brilliant exposure, but also helped me meet my expenses.

Do you think RICS SBE teaches on par with international universities?
While studying at the University of Salford, I as a student felt competent with the other students from across the world due to the knowledge that was taught to me in RICS SBE India by my faculties and mentors. As I said before, the subjects and study material were similar to what we have in India, only the market where the knowledge is applied is different. It was easy for me to make the transition because RICS SBE teaches on international standards.

How do you think this will help you in your career or future?
The construction industry in India attracts a lot of international companies. Also the organizations based here are expanding their projects outside India. So I think, this international experience will be a big plus in my career and will help me in my future.
It’s one of its kind learning experience for students seeking to gain intercultural understanding and thinking about global careers.

Tell us about your future plans.
After coming to post graduate level I think every student becomes sincere about his/her future. I have also started channelizing my efforts toward a career in a reputed international organization. With an exposure of studying in an international university and work experience of a real estate consultancy in UK, I wanted to work in an International Property Consultancy (IPC) company. So during campus placement I applied for KPMG and got selected. I also want to be professionally accredited by an international body (RICS) to practice construction in an ethical and standardized way and in the near future see myself to be a successful project manager of an international project.