Higher Education Institutions Are Ensuring Students’ Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic

18 April 2020


"Brijesh Shetty, a final semester student pursuing MBA-CEQS, was away at UAE in last week of February 2020. He was one of those lucky few whose employers covet their expertise so much that they wish their new hires to join their jobs early. Brijesh had not even savoured his new assignment fully when all hell broke with the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. The new recruit landed back in India on March 18, 2020, a day after the 14-day quarantine was made compulsory for all those coming from foreign travel. For Brijesh it was all extremely overwhelming, as he oscillated between extreme and emotionally exhausting situations. Help and support came from unexpected quarters when his institute and his professors reached out to him with all-round support and care. Today is Brijesh’s last day of quarantine and he and his college both are looking forward to him completing his course and re-joining his assignment.
In the above real-life example, the college stood by its student during his distressing moments and became his backbone. Not really a normal occurrence for a college to do so for its student. But, in a matter of few weeks, COVID-19 has changed life as we normally know it. The whole country is in a lockdown to combat the spread of the deadly virus, severely impacting the society including businesses, transactions and education. The education sector is witnessing changes and adopting revolutionary ideas to keep the momentum going." - says Ashwani Awasthi, MD, RICS School of Built Environment.

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