RICS SBE offers innovative internship opportunity to its students

02 June 2020


In normal times, the institute usually arranges these internships by approaching industry organisations. The corporates give their requirements for interns along with the location, profiles and stipend offered etc. This requirement is then floated amongst the students who avail the opportunity by making applications according to their field of interest. The organisations then select young interns after conducting due interviews.

The two months hands-on industry experience often gets translated into pre-placement offers. This year the pandemic has created an unprecedented situation and sudden and consecutive lockdowns have brought restrictions and constraints for everybody.

Managing within these restrictions, and without compromising on student safety, RICS SBE says, it is important to maintain continuity in their education and training. In keeping with this view, the institute has arranged innovative research-based internships which the students have undertaken from the safety of their homes.

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