Site visit to Hiranandani Estate, Thane

21 September 2018

On 8th September 2018, construction students from Mumbai campus got the opportunity to visit Hiranandani estate in Thane. Hiranandani Estate is an upmarket condominium-style township built by the Hiranandani Group in the city of Thane, a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Area in Maharashtra. It is spread over an area of 350 acres. Till date over 200 buildings have been constructed and 30 buildings are under construction currently in the estate.

The students met the Senior Execution Engineer on duty at the site who provided useful insights about the project. The engineer answered student’s doubts and played an important role in making the students understand each and every aspect in construction. Intricate details about the process starting with excavation to the final finishing work were discussed in details.

The students initially visited the excavation going on of Eagleridge A wing. Some notable learnings are mentioned below:

  • It was a 34-storeyed building. It had two basement parking which was 5.7 MT below from ground level.

  • The time line of this building is two years.

  • The PCC was completed and raft foundation was in progress.

  • The steps included in construction are: Soil Testing, Excavation, Marking, PCC, Raft foundation, Footing, Columns, Plinth Beams and then Slab.

  • Pressure releasing pipes were used to release the underground uplift pressure. They were placed at 3mtr c/c.

  • The rock level was anchored by using 32mm dia bars at 4mtr c/c.

  • There were total of 111 columns in the building structure.

  • Each project has a respective batching plant which was known as CP30 mini batching plant, which indicates that it gives 30 m3/hr of concrete which is approx.0.5m3 bag /hr.

  • Aluminium shuttering was used for every project which is known as Mivan technology.

  • Using Mivan technology we can cast columns and beams at one go. Instead of 14 days, only 7 days are required for casting for each slab – i.e. 50% reduction.

  • Beam and column shuttering is removed in one day and deck slab shuttering is removed after 2 days.Each set of Mivan shuttering can be used for 200 repetitions.Due to usage of Mivan technology lot of time is saved and we also get a smooth finish.

  • In Hiranandani estate, three commercial buildings were built for TCS company. One of the buildings name was Olympus.

The students found this site visit to be an eye opener with respect to the functioning on big construction projects. Rajesh Joshi, Assistant Professor, School of Construction coordinated this site visit from RICS SBE, Mumbai.