Week long study tour with RMIT University, Melbourne

05 September 2018

A joint study tour was organized with RMIT University, Melbourne from 24 Aug to 30 Aug. This tour was another platform for international engagement of our students for mutual academic, cultural and business environment learning. During this five day study tour students of both universities attended lectures, workshops and visited prominent sites in Delhi NCR. The tour concluded with presentation by students about learnings during the week and how they have benefited with intensive coaching on built environment sector of India.

Dr. Usha Iyer Raniga, Associate Professor, School of Property, Construction and Project Management and Prof Rebecca Leshinsky, Senior Lecturer, Property and Valuation, School of Property, Construction and Project Management along with 12 students from RMIT University attended this tour. Shiv Prasad Singh MRICS, Associate Professor was principle co-ordinator of this tour actively supported by Prof Anupam Saxena and Mr Satish Bajaj MRICS, Adjunct Professor, School of Real Estate and Infrastructure, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University. 14 students from all MBA programs participated in this study tour from our School.


Several land mark sites in National Capital Region were visited and discussed in detail like DLF Golf Course and its premium residential projects, DLF Cyber City, Cyber Hub, Tata Centre Gurugram, Development Alternatives and Tara Nirman Kendra, Select City Walk Retail Complex and Delhi Metro and Metro Museum.


Students from both universities found this tour a fulfilling experience. Here are some of them sharing their learnings:

"I am proud to come to India. I was shocked with how developed India is as a country and how they are using advanced construction methods and developed techniques. I also found the teachers at RICS SBE very much involved with the students and the students are comfortable asking questions."
Dylan Harris, CM - PCPM, RMIT University

"At RICS SBE, it is interesting to see how it curriculum collaborates construction, project management and real estate, because in Australia it is a bit segregated. For instance, real estate students understand construction and are aware of HVAC services, so they have a broader knowledge across categories. All the students here also have a synergy and work collaboratively."
Reem Jaber, CM - PCPM, RMIT University

"Meeting RMIT students and spending over a week's time with them was a great learning achievement in itself as we got to know of the different methods of construction and procurement in Australia. Further how the sites are managed and most importantly how the cultural differences can affect construction and design."
Kriti Jain, MBA CPM student, RICS SBE

"The major difference in learnings was the perspective. They have more comprehensive theoretical knowledge but on the contrary we have a blend of both theory and practical skills. The programme helped me grow as an individual, it made me hone my networking skills."
Sidharth, MBA REUI student, RICS SBE

“The study tour helped us get detailed practical knowledge and insight into various asset classes in Delhi NCR,  Residential (Uber Luxury: DLF Camellias & Magnolias),  Commercial (DLF Cyber City), Public Projects (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) and others (Development Alternatives office). The tour primarily focused of imparting knowledge of sustainability in construction techniques and contrasting them with similar techniques that are prominent in Australia.”
Ateev Bahl, MBA REUI student, RICS SBE

"I learnt about the housing situation in Melbourne. The biggest myth that was busted was the perception that our peers have the same outlook as us as far as construction is concerned. They actually look at it as process driven versus us looking at it as people driven."
Torsha Datta Choudhuri, MBA CPM student, RICS SBE

The tour concluded with student presentations and recognition of their contributions.