We have established relationships with universities in UK and Australia to build knowledge and thought leadership.

Our linkages with universities in Asia, UK, Australia and US enable our students and faculty to engage in semester exchange, summer programs, travelling studios and research. This provides a gateway to enrich our academic colleagues and student experience with global knowledge.

University Partnerships

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Students share their global experience

Aanchal Chawla, MBA CPM 2019-21

"I was part of the first batch who had to switch to online learning during Covid-19. While all of us were not prepared for it...

Sukrit Mitra, MBA CPM 2019-21

Sukrit talks about his previous educational background as well as about the studies at the institution throughout the pandemi...

Ranjeet Sharma, MBA CPM 2020-22

Ranjeet talks about why he enrolled in the RICS SBE's MBA in Construction Project Management Program. He also talks about his...

Nitin Hoon, MBA CEQS 2020-22

Nitin shares his feedback on how the online classes and internship experience has been. Additionally, he also delivers a mess...

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