We have established relationships with universities in Asia, UK, Australia and US to build knowledge and thought leadership.

Our linkages with universities in Asia, UK, Australia and US enable our students and faculty to engage in semester exchange, summer programs, travelling studios and research. This provides a gateway to enrich our academic colleagues and student experience with global knowledge.

University Partnerships

Liverpool John Moores University

Gain an international internship certificate, along with an immersive exposure to the UK built environment sector.

University of San Diego

An opportunity to attend a five week International Certificate program in Real Estate Investment.

University of Salford

An opportunity to study one semester at the School of Built Environment, University of Salford, UK

Real Estate Academy of China

An opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore as part of Asian Cities Program.

RMIT University

Our collaboration allows for student & faculty exchange and joint PhD guidance, research and conferences.

Texas A&M University

An opportunity to study and research in collaboration with College of Architecture, Texas A&M University.

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Students share their global experience

Bharath Balasubramanya MBA REUI 2016-18

Bharath Balasubramanya shares his journey during MBA in Real Estate.

Udaiy Khanna BBA REUI 2013-16

Udaiy Khanna shares his experience of traveling to 6 Asian Cities as part of his internship.

Akshit Agarwal MBA CPM 2014-16

Akshit Agarwal shares his experience of learning at the University of Salford for one semester.

Siddhant Agarwal BBA REUI 2013-16

Siddhant Agarwal shares his experience of traveling to 6 Asian Cities.

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