We have established relationships with universities in Asia, UK, Australia and US to build knowledge and thought leadership.

Our linkages with universities in Asia, UK, Australia and US enable our students and faculty to engage in semester exchange, summer programs, travelling studios and research. This provides a gateway to enrich our academic colleagues and student experience with global knowledge.

University Partnerships

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Students share their global experience

Shubham Bhute, MBA REUI 2018-20

Shubham Bhute, from MBA REUI (2018-20) program, talks about why he chose RICS SBE, his journey here and how his internship at...

Sonali Sonker, MBA REUI 2019-21

Sonali Sonker, MBA REUI (2019-21) program, talks about her experience at RICS SBE, the Industry-led curriculum and the facult...

Ramya Ganesh, MBA CEQS 2019-21

Ramya Ganesh, MBA CEQS (Batch 2019-21) shares why she decided to join RICS SBE, opting for a techno-managerial course rather ...

Meenal Katyal, MBA REUI Batch 2020-22

Meenal Katyal, MBA REUI (Batch 2020-22) shares her views on why the pandemic is the right time to upskill and why she specifi...

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