Prof. (Dr.) A.W. Santhosh Kumar

Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Mumbai

Dr. A. W. Santhosh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Mumbai, has a total of 35 years of academic and administrative experience. He has held the post of Vice Chancellor for a period of 5 years in two of the highly ranked (NAAC -A+, ARIA - 4th Nationwide) universities in India. Earlier, he worked in the United States for a period of 16 years and has held various positions such as Dean-Academic Affairs, Dean- Accreditations and Professor of Microbiology and Global Health at two universities in California, USA. He also served as Director of the Centre for Genomics at Loma Linda University, CA, USA.

He has completed his Ph.D. from the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, and further completed his post-doctoral fellowships from 3 different institutions in the USA and one fellowship.

(a). University of California, Davis, USA (Area: Molecular Pathobiology of Pathogens)

(b). National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA (Area: Human Microbiome)

(c). J. Craig Venters Institute, USA (Area: Human Metabolomics).

(d). National Cancer Centre of Singapore, Singapore (Area: Genomics-HapMap).

His research performance indices are: H index -34, i10- 70, citations: 4717. He has to his credit a total of 191 peer reviewed research articles, published 6 books, 18 book chapters, and 21 patents. He has guided 15 doctoral candidates and is currently guiding 5 more. His research has culminated in the identification of new bacteria in the human microbiome and new strains of spirochetes affecting humans. His group was instrumental in developing an indigenous nano-adjuvant for viral vaccines. The outcome of his work on the human microbiome identified beneficial microbial consortium that are currently patented as probiotics.