S.Y. Siddiqui, Chief Mentor at Maruti Suzuki India, spoke to students about leadership and the traits that make good leaders.

02 March 2017

Expert Talk

“The biggest demand in the industry is for professionals who have the capability to adjust and the attitude to adapt.”

S.Y. Siddiqui, Chief Mentor, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, visited our Noida campus to deliver a guest lecture during which he explained the roles and responsibilities of a leader, and how building a competitive edge can help in emerging as a leader from a group of followers. He also told the reasons behind Maruti Suzuki’s success in remaining the leading car manufacturer in terms of market share in India. 

Mr. Siddiqui emphasized that a leader should have a strong character with high integrity, as leadership roles often present situations where one’s character will be tested. According to him, a leader should possess qualities of having a vision and the ability to forecast future trends, the potential to selectively delete past knowledge to learn new things for applying fresh ideas and the humbleness to look beyond himself and develop the leaders of the future.

Mr. Siddiqui asked students to never shy away from working hard and taking on challenges. He said that one should never accept anything less than perfect. He told students that the biggest demand in the industry is of professionals who have the capability to adjust and the attitude to adapt. His final message to the students was to never get carried away in good times and always train and prepare as if they are number two, even when at the pinnacle.