26 September 2016

Guest lecture
The School of Infrastructure students visited Mumbai for an industrial tour in September 2016. The first day of this industrial tour witnessed a session by Mr. Chetan Zaveri, where he interacted with our students about solid waste management.

Mr. Zaveri emphasized that in India, a proper waste management system is necessary to control different types of pollution, prevent diseases, conserve resources and recycle the hazardous wastes for further production. He highlighted the point that the need of the hour is to implement the best ways possible to manage the solid waste. He also pointed out that Solid Waste Management is a serious issue.

Solid waste management is the most basic essential service provided by the municipal authorities in the country. However, it is also the most eminently disregarded of all the services. The methods implemented are non-scientific, outdated and inefficient. The population coverage is low and the waste is littered all over leading to unhygienic living conditions. There is little or no known practice of storing or managing the waste at source in a scientifically segregated manner. Even the citizens have not been educated for storage of waste at source. Generally no processing of municipal solid waste is done in India. Only a few cities have been practicing decentralized or centralized composting. The purpose of introducing the students to the importance of Solid waste management was to instill seriousness regarding an important issue that has been neglected so far.

Mr. Zaveri is a Chartered Engineer holding a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from CSU, Sacramento, USA. He is also a recipient of the ISWA International Waste Manager - International Status title by ISWA, Austria.