07 October 2016

Guest Lecture
Mr. Mridul Upreti, CEO Investment Advisors, JLL India addressed our students on real estate capital markets.

Mr. Mridul Upreti is a planner from SPA, Delhi and an MFC from Delhi University with 15+ years of experience at JLL, India. He is leading the Segregated Funds Group (SFG), the investment management business set up by JLL in India. As CEO of SFG, Mridul currently leads the funds, oversees regular operations and details out dedicated investment themes. He has over 16 years of real estate investment advisory experience in India and has been involved in advising institutional and private investors in real estate. Before joining SFG, he was jointly responsible for running the capital markets business of JLL in India from 2005 to 2011. He shared his valuable thoughts on real estate capital markets and the risks involved in them.