03 February 2017

Guest lecture
Mr. Mukul Goel, Founder and Director, ‘MakeMeBuilder.com and Founder and Principal Advisor, ThreeRivers.com visited the School’s Noida campus to deliver a guest lecture on the topic "Opportunities for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Construction Industry – Focus on Affordable Housing"

He discussed the ways of partnering with landowners, contractors, developers and public agencies to develop affordable housing projects. He also shared his valuable insight on how to inspire, train and guide engineering and business graduates to adopt entrepreneurial ventures in construction industry.

Mr Mukul Goel is a successful entrepreneur and business mentor. He is currently steering two ventures, namely MakeMeBuilder.com and Three Global Rivers.  MakeMeBuilder.com is an incubator to support start-ups in housing and construction; and ThreeRivers.com is an incubator to support innovative startups and ventures in emerging markets.