09 August 2018

Guest Lecture

On 8th August 2018, Dr. Parthapriya Ghosh, Senior Social Development Specialist at World Bank joined us in delivering a special lecture to the students from School of Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure. More than 35 students attended the session along with the faculty members.

Dr. Ghosh holds a Ph.D in Sociology and Master’s degree in Geography with over 27 years of working experience. Over the years, Dr. Ghosh has focused on social development, social risk management, community based conservation, and promoting improved livelihoods while protecting against adverse project impacts in complex and challenging environment across practices. He has also helped several clients to develop their Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Dr. Ghosh joined World Bank in 2006 and in 2011, moved to World Bank Head Quarter to work with Safeguard Advisor’s office on corporate requirements. Returning back to India office in 2014, currently he is Senior Social Development Specialist in World Bank’s India Resident Mission.

During the lecture, Dr. Ghosh spoke about the complete cycle detailing each step involved during the funding of an infrastructure project (Indian context) by the World Bank. Dr. Ghosh’s lectures involved various case studies regarding financing of an urban infrastructure project and urban housing project to help students understand the intricacies of large urban projects. Having expertise on social issues, Dr. Ghosh also elaborated on the various social impediments during a developmental project and how to manage social safeguards aspects of the projects.
The lecture was concluded with a Q&A session. The students received vital knowledge on the social development, social risk management, and managing social safeguards of a project.