Flevian Fargose, MBA CPM (2018-2020), Placed at Chuan Lim Construction Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Flevian Fargose
MBA CPM (2018-2020)
Placed at Chuan Lim Construction Pte. Ltd., Singapore

I was born and brought up in Mumbai. As a child, my dream was to be in the teaching profession and hopefully someday, I will be able to do that as well.

Any advice to students considering joining RICS SBE?
Join with an intent to learn and everything will fall in place for you. Don't just join the program for sake of placement.

How did the MBA program at RICS SBE help you?
The program is designed in a fashion that allows students to learn as per industry requirements. It not only helped me during my campus interviews but also help me develop my skillset.

How was life at RICS SBE? (Campus, faculty, activities, events)
Campus life at SBE was just focused on academics but also various co-curricular activities held such as the celebration of festivals, competitions, leadership series etc. Overall it was a great experience.

What was your experience while studying at RICS SBE?
The experience at RICS for amazing for me. The course focuses on Holistic growth of students in the technical aspect, managerial aspect, Finance & Communication. At the end of the course, I can say that now I'm a better version of myself.

What were you doing before coming to RICS SBE?
Before joining RICS, I was working as a Site Engineer at Aga Khan Agency for Habitat.

Where did you get placed?
Chuan Lim Construction Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Where did you intern? How did the internship help you?
I got an opportunity to intern at L&T where every week I was working in various departments to understand the functioning of an organization

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
My first target is to achieve MRICS qualification after passing out from the campus. In the next 5 years, I want to be in a senior managerial position.


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