Gaurav Ghosh, MBA CPM (2015-2017), Placed at Eleganz Interiors Currently working at JLL

Gaurav Ghosh
MBA CPM (2015-2017)
Placed at Eleganz Interiors
Currently working at JLL

A single child born to a very loving and ambitious parents who had always put my interests and career on their top priority. I did my schooling from Delhi Public School, Bhilai. It is a tier-three city in Chhattisgarh, where tall buildings or high-end retail malls were not usual to see before a decade and a half. Once I travelled to Kolkata during school days, and I was fascinated to see tall buildings and huge 4/5-star hotels, and that clicked me to be a civil engineer in future and create these man-made wonders.

Any advice to students considering joining RICS SBE?
The one and the only advice I would give to students joining RICS SBE is that you are in the right hands, put your trust and work hard during your journey at SBE. The course is curated to provide you extensive knowledge which makes you stand apart from the usual crowd. The professors out here put in their soul to deliver lectures to students, they share their real-life experiences from the projects they have successfully delivered. So just come and give your best and stand apart from the rest. All the best for your future.

How did the MBA program at RICS SBE help you?
After working for 3 years in an IPC, I can assure that pursuing MBA at RICS SBE, has helped me in managing my time and skills in accordance with the need of the industry. I am currently into Real Estate Valuation, Consulting & Advisory services catering to leading banks, NBFCs, corporate clients, private developers and government projects. The models that we use for financial cash flows or the valuation methods we use professionally were taught in the curriculum. I find myself lucky enough to be a part of RICS SBE, that has shaped my career track.

How was life at RICS SBE? (Campus, faculty, activities, events)
Life! At RICS SBE was a great fun, right from classroom learning to site visits to enhance industry exposure and of course the cultural events that happened all around the year. Celebrating Teacher’s Day, Holi or Diwali along with friends and faculties are moments to cherish for a lifetime. Unlike my engineering days, I found a healthy and friendly relationship with professors here, though they are much elder and experienced, but are always available to support and guide the students.

Share experiences from work life.
Life at JLL is pretty cool. There is a good mix of work and personal life here. Rated as one of the best companies to work with, the employees here take pride in being associated with the company. As JLL tagline says Achieve Ambitions, senior colleagues and managers have helped me grow professionally as well as curated overall development in me, which has helped me in achieving my career goals. I started as an Executive in 2015 and as on date, I am managing a team in Delhi. Also, when I go out for business development for the company, when I introduce myself as an employee of JLL & post-graduate from RICS SBE, people pay heed to my words, and that puts on weightage over others. To cut short, I am happy exploring new dimensions at work every day with a strong backbone of knowledge that SBE has created.

What was your experience while studying at RICS SBE?
The curriculum at RICS SBE is so designed that it prepares you to be industry ready. I was a student back in 2015, pursuing MBA in Construction Project Management, the subjects included topics related to Construction Planning & Management, Design Management, Contracts Management, Change Management, Sustainable Development, Real Estate Valuations etc. which provided extensive knowledge and overall development. Being a fresher, I just tried to gain information and new things that came my way. The faculties at RICS SBE are stalwarts of the industry, have served PSUs or worked on major government and private projects in India and oversees. The kind of teaching they impart gives the student a clear understanding of industry needs and ongoing practices in the industry. Currently being associated with Jones Lang LaSalle for a period of 3 years, I can now relate the importance of teaching and learning I absorbed at RICS SBE. The standards that JLL follows are as per RICS guidelines and it is accepted worldwide. Being an alumnus from RICS SBE has helped me getting selected at JLL and growing in a career as well.

What were you doing before coming to RICS SBE?
In 2014, I graduated as a Civil Engineer with Honours, and had decided to do post-graduation, but was unsure to go with M.Tech or MBA. Being from a tier three city, I did not have much options or people to guide me, and that’s when I went to Hyderabad for Gate Coaching Classes. While I was preparing for GATE, I had come across a social media ad featuring post-graduate diploma in civil domain (Project Management & Real Estate). I googled different colleges offering post-graduation in construction and that’s how I got to know about RICS SBE too, that they are providing MBA degree in Construction and Real Estate which is recognized worldwide, due to its accreditation with RICS, which will provide an edge over other institutes.

Where did you get placed?
I was initially placed with Eleganz Interiors, a corporate fit-out company catering to large scale interior fit-out projects, working for major MNCs and IPCs. While I was working with the company, my client was JLL, with them I had established a good bond and reputation. Later I got a chance to work with JLL into Real Estate Valuation, Consulting & Advisory. Since SBE has provided extensive knowledge of construction and real estate both, I quickly grabbed the working style at JLL, and have rose to mid-level management within 3 years. Currently, I am heading a team of 7 people, based out of Gurgaon office, and looking after valuation exercises for North and East India.

Where did you intern? How did the internship help you?
I was placed with L&T Construction for internship, at Mumbai. The project was India’s 3rd tallest residential group housing project comprising of 4 residential towers of more than 50 storeys, which made me feel like dream come true, as I wished to be a part of man-made marvel while in school days. I assisted engineers in execution work, planning and budgeting of project, quality control and tracking of the project as planned with deliverables. This helped me utilize my theoretical knowledge and implement it in a real-time scenario. I realized that what I have learnt so far is correctly aligned with the work people do professionally.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
In the next 5 years, I see myself rising to Top Managerial position in Valuations, Consulting & Advisory at JLL.


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