Tanveer khan, MBA CPM (2016-2018), Currently working at LIV SPACE

Tanveer khan
MBA CPM (2016-2018)
Currently working at LIV SPACE

I wanted to be an IES officer, that was the reason I choose Civil Engineering as it is a quite easy optional subject for UPSC, in the first attempt, I cleared prelims.

Any advice to students considering joining RICS SBE?
Nice platform to gain Techno-Managerial skills and get Jobs in Built environment.

How did the MBA program at RICS SBE help you?
It helps me get a Management job just after completing my MBA and during the job, the knowledge gained help solve industrial problems.

How was life at RICS SBE? (Campus, faculty, activities, events)
It was good. Most of the faculties come from construction Industry who are well experienced and knowledgeable.

Share experiences from work life.
I joined OYO after completing MBA, worked there for 1 year 10 months. Full journey of OYO was full of fun and learning. I switched to LIV SPACE, now I am working as Assistant Manager Procurement and everyday learning new things and applying knowledge and skills gained during MBA to solve day to day problems.

What was your experience while studying at RICS SBE?
Studying in RICS was a very good decision I took. Class assignments and projects helped a lot in learning about the construction industry. Class assignments helped gain management skills.

What were you doing before coming to RICS SBE?
I was preparing for the UPSC ESE exam and was teaching in an Engineering College.

Where did you get placed?

Where did you intern? How did the internship help you?
I interned in WTC Noida Project. Actually, my internship and project helped me fetch job as in my job interview most of the question was asked from internship and projects.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I look forward to learning new skills and improve my knowledge to advance my career. In five years from now, I see myself as a knowledgeable professional having an in-depth knowledge of Project Management and Supply Chain Management.


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